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Native American Legends: Above People (Sky-Beings)

Name: Above People
Also known as: Sky People, Sky Beings
Tribal affiliation: Blackfoot
Native names: Sspommitapiiksi, Spomi'tapiiks, Spomi-tap-ksi, Spomi-tapi-ksi
Pronunciation: Varies by dialect; usually spum-mih-tuh-peek-sih.
Type: Sky spirits, stars

The Above People, or Sky Beings, were the first creations of the Blackfoot god Apistotoke. The first Sky Being created was the Sun, Natosi, who is highly venerated by Blackfoot people. Other Sky Beings include the moon goddess, Komorkis, the immortal hero Morning-Star, and all the stars in the sky. The Above People are said to have their own land and their own society above the clouds.

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Above People Stories

*Poia and the Sky Beings * Star Bride:
    Stories about a Blackfoot woman who fell in love with Morning Star and tried to live with him in the Above World.
*The Snake With Big Feet:
    Blackfoot legend about the Above People granting a snake's wish to become human.

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