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Ais Indian Language (Ays)

The Ais Indians were a tribe of eastern Florida, closely connected with the Tequesta tribe. Their language was never recorded. Some ethnologists have guessed that it may have been related to Calusa, based on stories that people from the two tribes could communicate with each other. Like the Calusa, the Ais were devastated by European diseases. Some of the survivors were probably sent to Cuba with the Calusas and Tequestas, while others may have merged with other Floridian Indians and eventually joined the Seminole tribe.

There was also a Caddoan band in Texas known as "Ais," unrelated to the Florida tribe. You can learn more about the Texan Ais band here.

Alternate spellings that have been used for the Florida Ais have been Ays and Ys.

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    Book on the historical importance of Florida's Indians, including a chapter on the Ais.

Links, References, and Additional Information

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Information about the Ais and their language in Spanish.
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Ais links.

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