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Native American Legends: Anamaqkiu

Name: Anamaqkiu
Tribal affiliation: Menominee
Alternate spellings: Anamahkyah, Anaamahkyah, Anamahkyah-awaetokak, Anamakiu, Anamagqkiu, Ana'maqki'u, Anamaqki, Ana'maqkiu
Pronunciation: In Menominee, uh-nah-mah-hkyuh. It is usually anglicized to ah-nah-mah-kyuh.
Type: Antagonists, evil spirits
Related figures: Great Underground Panther

Malevolent underworld spirits, the sworn enemies of the Menominee culture hero Manabush. The Anamaqkiu were the evil spirits responsible for the murder of Manabush's brother, Moqwaio. Their full name in Menominee is Anamahkyah-awaetokak, which means "underground spirits," but they are often referred to simply as Anamahkyah (underground ones).

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Anamaqkiu Stories

*The Deluge:
    Flood myths from the Potawatomi and Menominee tribes, including Manabush's war with the Anamaqkiu.
*Manabozho Plays Lacrosse:
    Another variant of the Menominee legend about Manabush fighting the Underground Spirits.

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    Old collection of Chippewa and Menominee stories.
Algonquian Spirit:
    Excellent anthology of stories, songs, and oral history from the Menominee and related tribes.

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