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Native American Legends: Aniwye

Name: Aniwye
Tribal affiliation: Ojibwe, Algonquin, Cree
Alternate spellings: Aniwaaye, Aniwo'ye, Wâniyûyâu
Pronounced: ah-nih-why
Also known as: Mishi-zhigaag, Mi-she-shek-kak, Big-Skunk, Giant Skunk
Type: Monster, giant animal, skunk

Aniwye was a giant man-eating skunk monster of Anishinaabe legend who killed people by breaking wind at them, causing them to become sickened and die. Aniwye was defeated by the hero Great Fisher and is often said to have been turned into an ordinary skunk by either Great Fisher or the culture hero Nanabozho, thus explaining why skunks spray. In some versions of the story Aniwye had the appearance of a giant skunk and was simply changed into a smaller and less deadly animal; in others, Aniwye was described as a man-eating giant and didn't have the form of a skunk at all until he was killed and revived as one. "Mishi-zhigaag" or "Mi-she-shek-kak," an alternate name for Aniwye, literally means "giant skunk."

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Native American Legends About Aniwye

*Kuikuhâchâu and Wâniyûyâu * Legend of the Giant Skunk:
    Two Cree legends about Wolverine slaying Giant Skunk (Aniwye.)

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