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Apalachee Culture and History

As a complement to our Apalachee language information, here is our collection of indexed links about the Apalachee tribe and their society.

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The emphasis of these pages is on Apalachees and other American Indians as living people with a present and a future as well as a past. Apalachee history is interesting and important, but the Apalachee Indians are still here today, too, and we try to feature modern writers as well as traditional folklore, contemporary art as well as museum pieces, and issues and struggles of today as well as the tragedies of yesterday. Suggestions for new links are always welcome.

Our Apalachee Websites

Apalachee Language:
    Information and language learning materials from the Apalachee Indian language.
Apalachee Facts for Kids:
    Questions and answers for students about Apalachee culture.

Books for sale on the Apalachee Indians
Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links

The Apalachee Indians and Mission San Luis:
    Book of photographs, paintings and sketches telling the story of the Apalachee people.
Here They Once Stood: The Tragic End of the Apalachee Missions:
    History book about the destruction of the Appalachee tribe.
Apalachee: The Land between the Rivers:
    Scholarly text on the history and anthropology of the Apalachee tribe.
Hernando de Soto Among the Apalachee:
    The history of the earliest Spanish colonists and their interactions with the Apalachees.
Native American Books:
    Evolving list of books about American Indians in general.

Maps of Apalachee Lands

Georgia Indian Map * Florida Indian Map:
    Tribal maps showing the original territory of the Apalachee Indians and their neighbors.
Tribes of the Southeast:
    Map of Southeastern tribes including the Apalachee.

Apalachee Lifestyle and Tradition

Talimali Band of Apalachee Indians:
    Facebook page for the Apalachee community in Louisiana today.
Mission San Luis Living History Museum:
    Homepage of the Apalachee Indian museum and cultural center in Tallahassee.
The Apalachees of Northwest Florida:
    History of the Apalachee tribe, with a map.
The Apalachee Trail:
    Article about language and cultural loss among the descendants of the Apalachee tribe.
Mission San Luis: The Apalachee:
    History and archaeology of the Apalachee Indians, with pictures.
The Talimali Band of Apalachee:
    The story of the Apalachee tribe's migration to Louisiana.
Apalachee Surface in Louisiana:
    The Apalachee Indians today, and their quest for federal recognition. Includes old tribal photos.
Apalachee Tribe History: * Access Genealogy: Apalachee:
    Early 20th-century articles about the Apalachee people.
Indians 101: Spanish Missions Among Florida Indians:
    Article on the pre-colonial history of the Apalachee and other Florida tribes.
Apalachee Ethnobotany:
    Information on the traditional uses of plants in the Apalachee tribe.
Mission San Luis * San Luis de Talimali * Mission San Luis de Apalachee:
    Sites about the historical Apalachee settlement of Mission San Luis in Florida.
Apalachee Massacre: The English Invasion of Florida * The Apalachee Massacre:
    History of the British destruction of the Apalachee nation in the 1700's.
Apalachee Flag of Louisiana:
    Apalachee flags.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

   Wikipedia: Apalachee People * Britannica: Apalachee:
   Encyclopedia articles on the Apalachee tribe.
   Four Directions Center: Apalachee: * Apalachee Tribe:
   Apalachee links.
   Pueblo Apalachee: * Los Apalache:
   Information about the Apalachee tribe in Spanish.

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