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Native American Legends: Apotamkin

Name: Apotamkin
Tribal affiliation: Maliseet, Passamaquoddy
Alternate spellings: Aputamkon, Appodumken, Appod'mk'n, Apodumken, Abbodumken, Apotampkin, Apotumk'n, Aboo-dom-k'n, Apotamkon, Apoatamkin, Aboumk'n
Pronunciation: ah-boo-dahm-kun
Type: Monster, sea serpent

The monstrous Apotamkin is often misidentified as a "vampire" by non-Native Americans (particularly since its name was glimpsed in one of the recent "Twilight" movies.) But in actual Maliseet and Passamaquoddy legends, this creature has nothing to do with vampires-- the Apotamkin is a giant fanged sea serpent that lurks in the Passamaquoddy Bay and drags people, especially incautious children, into the water and eats them. Apotamkin is said to have long red hair, and in some stories was once a human woman who was transformed into a serpent. If you would like to read about some Native American monsters that bear more resemblance to European vampires, please visit our Native American vampire figures page. Apotamkin is definitely a sea monster.

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