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Arikara Indian Culture and History

As a complement to our Arikara language information, here is our collection of indexed links about the Arikara tribe and their society.

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Please note that Arikaras and other American Indians are living people with a present and a future as well as a past. Arikara history is interesting and important, but the Arikara Indians are still here today, too, and we try to feature current writers as well as traditional folklore, contemporary art as well as museum pieces, and the life and struggles of today as well as the tragedies of yesterday. Suggestions for new links are always welcome.

Our Arikara Websites

Arikara Language:
    Information and language learning materials from the Arikara Indian language.
Arikara Facts for Kids:
    Questions and answers about Arikara culture.
Arikara Legends:
    Collection of Arikara Indian legends and folktales.

Arikara Tribal and Community Websites

Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara Nation:
    Homepage of the Three Affiliated Tribes.
Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College:
    Homepage of the tribal college of the Fort Berthold reservation.
Three Affiliated Tribes Community Profile:
    Demographic information on the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara tribes.

Books for sale on the Arikaras
Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links

Women of the Earth Lodges:
    Interesting book about Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara culture from the female perspective.
The Arikara War:
    History of the 19th-century conflict between the Arikara Indians and the United States.
Arikara Narrative of Custer’s Campaign and the Battle of the Little Bighorn:
    Eyewitness accounts from Arikara Indian scouts about the Battle of Little Bighorn.
Myths and Traditions of the Arikara Indians:
    Book of Arikara legends for sale.
Traditional Narratives of the Arikara Indians: * Traditional Narratives From Alfred Morsette:
    Two-volume set of legends and stories in Arikara, with English translation.
Storied Stone: Indian Rock Art of the Black Hills Country:
    Book about petroglyphs of the Arikara and other South Dakota Indian tribes.
Five Indian Tribes of the Upper Missouri: Sioux, Arickaras, Assiniboines, Crees, Crows:
    Ethnography of the Arikaras and four of their neighboring tribes.
Societies Of The Arikara Indians: * Traditions of the Arikara:
    Classic Arikara anthropology texts.
Native American Books:
    Evolving list of books about Arikaras and American Indians in general.

Maps of Arikara Lands

South Dakota Indian Map * North Dakota Indian Map:
    Tribal maps showing the original lands of the Arikara Indians and their neighbors.
Virtual Museum of New France: Plains Indians:
    Historical maps and articles about the Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara, and other Plains Indian tribes.

Arikara Lifestyle and Tradition

The Arikara:
    Curtis' early 20th-century ethnography of the Arikara Indians.
Arikara (Sahnish):
    Article from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians on the Arikara tribe's culture and history.
Arikara Tribe:
    Article about Arikara culture including kinship and religion.
Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara: Indian Life along the Upper Missouri River:
    Photo exhibit on the Three Affiliated Tribes throughout history.
Three Affiliated Tribes Pow Wow:
    Video of powwow dancing at the Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara reservation.
Arikara Tribe:
    Article on Arikara history and culture.
Keeping "The Revenant" authentic:
    Interesting interview with Loren Yellow Bird, the Arikara tribal consultant for the Western film The Revenant.
Venison & Barley Soup Recipe:
    Arikara-Hidatsa recipe from Fort Berthold.
Arikara Ethnobotany:
    Information on the traditional uses of plants and herbs in the Arikara tribe.
Indians 101: Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Ceremonies:
    Article on spiritual traditions among the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara tribes.
Earth Lodges of the Mandan, Arikara and Hidatsa:
    Information and pictures of traditional Arikara houses.
Prairie Indian Clothes * American Indian Clothing * Native American Hair:
    Pictures of traditional Shawnee and Arikara clothing and hairstyles.
Arikara Cultural Objects:
    Museum exhibit with photographs of Arikara weapons, tools, and other artifacts.
Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara Flag: * Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara Tribal Plates:
    Flag and license plate of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation.

Arikara Religion and Myth

Arikara Medicine Ceremony:
    Information about traditional Arikara rituals and beliefs.
Ancient Ceremonies of the Arikara Indians:
    Anthropology paper on the worship traditions of the Arikara culture.
Arikara Legends:
    Collection of Arikara Indian legends and folktales.

Arikara History and Biography

Arikara Biographical Sketches: * Arikara Warriors of Mercer County:
    Biographies of Gros Ventre and Arikara Indian men from the 19th century.
Arikara Tribe History: * Arikara Indians: * Arikara Indian Clans, Bands and Gens:
    Early 20th-century articles about the Arikara people.
Bands and Villages of the Arikara and Pawnee:
    Paper on historical Arikara and Pawnee place names.
Lewis and Clark: The Arikara Indians:
    History of the Arikara tribe's interactions with the Lewis and Clark expedition.
Rushing Bear: * Sitting Bear: * Chief Bloody Knife:
    Information and links about three Arikara Indian chiefs.
Bears Belly * Sitting Bear * Red Star * Chief Rushing Bear:
    Old photographs of historical Arikara Indian figures.
The 1837 Smallpox Epidemic:
    Article about the devastating effects of smallpox on the Arikaras and other Plains Indians.
Arikara Indians:
    Tribal profile, timeline, and links.

Arikara Politics, Issues, and News

Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara Times:
    Tribal newspaper of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation.
Native American remains returning home:
    Article about the Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara tribe's quest to recover their ancestors' bodies from a university.
Three Affiliated Tribes Hit by Ransomware Attack:
    Article about cybersecurity problems facing the Arikara and other tribal nations in the modern era.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

   Wikipedia: Arikara People:
   Encyclopedia articles about the Arikaras.
   Pueblo Arikara * Los Arikara:
   Information about the Arikara tribe in Spanish.
   Arikara Nation * Arikara:
   Arikara links pages.

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