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American Indian Art Books

This page is our collection of links to good books for sale online on the topic of Native American arts and crafts. If you would like to recommend an Indian art book for this page, please let us know. Thanks, and happy reading!

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Native American Art Books
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Native North American Art:
     Book of American Indian art history from ancient times to today.
Living with American Indian Art:
     Beautiful coffee-table book of traditional arts and crafts from an intertribal museum collection.
North American Indian Art:
     Book by a Cree scholar on contemporary First Nations art.
Southwestern Pottery:
     Overview of Southwest Indian pottery, with photographs and advice for collectors.
The Fetish Carvers of Zuni:
     Overview of Southwestern fetish carvings, their forms and meaning.
Beauty, Honor, and Tradition: The Legacy of Plains Indian Shirts:
     Showcasing Plains Indian beadwork, quillwork, clothing and culture.
Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast:
     An overview of Northwestern Indian art, designs and symbolism.
Inuit Art:
     Photographs and history of Inuit carving and other traditional arts.
The Art of Mesoamerica:
     Illustrated textbook about indigenous Mexican and Central American art.

Books about Specific Native American Tribes and Nations

Abenakis Apaches Arapahos Blackfeet Caddos Catawbas Cherokees
Cheyennes Chickasaws Chinooks Choctaws Coeur d'Alenes Comanches Crees
Croatoans Dakotas Flatheads Gros Ventres Haidas Hopis Hurons
Illinis Innus Iowas Jemez Kaw Tribe Kickapoos Kiowas
Kwakiutls Lenapes Maidus Mandans Makahs Maliseets Menominees
Meskwakis Metis Miamis Miccosukees Micmacs Mohawks Mohegans
Mohicans Mojaves Munsees Narragansetts Navajos Nez Perces Ojibwes
Omahas Oneidas Onondagas Pawnees Penobscots Pimas Pomos
Potawatomis Powhatans Pueblos Saanich Seminoles Senecas Shawnees
Shoshones Squamish Susquehannocks Tainos Tarahumaras Tenino Timucuas
Tiwas Tlingits Tonkawas Tuscaroras Utes Walla Wallas Wampanoags
Washoes Wichitas Winnebagos Wiyots Yakima Zapotecs Zunis

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