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Avoyel Indian Language (Avoyel-Taensa, Avogel, Avoyelles)

The Avoyel Indians were a small tribe of eastern Louisiana, relatives of the Natchez Indians. The Avoyels have not existed as a tribe since the late 1700's, but there are some people of Avoyel descent still living in Louisiana today, particularly among the Tunica-Biloxi Indians and Louisiana Cajun communities. The Avoyelles were sometimes called the "Petit Taensas" (little Taensas) by the French, referring to the Taensa tribe living further to the north; however, the Avoyelles and Taensas were actually distinct from each other.

There are no remaining records of the Avoyel language, but French missionaries considered it equivalent to Natchez, so probably it was either a Natchez dialect or a closely related Gulf language.

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Avoyel Culture and History Links

Avoyel Indian Tribe History:
    Article on the Avoyel tribe from the Handbook of American Indians.
    Wikipedia article on the Avoyel Indians.
Avogel Tribe:
    Website with historical information about the Avogel Indian tribe of Louisiana.
Avoyel-Taensa Nation:
    History of the Avoyel-Taensas.
Four Directions: Avoyel:
    Timeline and links about Avoyel history.
The Avogel Tribe of Louisiana:
    Book on Avoyelle history by a tribal descendant.

Links, References, and Additional Information

Los Avoyel:
Information about the Avoyelles and their language in French and Spanish.

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