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Native American Legends: Big Owl Man

Name: Big Owl
Tribal affiliation: Apache
Also known as: Giant, Owl-Man, Old Man Big Owl, Big Owl Witch, Owl Man Giant, Owl-Man Monster, Big-Owl, Big Owl Man, Big Owl Monster
Type: Giant, antagonist, owl

Big Owl is a malicious and dangerous giant often used as a "bogeyman" in children's stories. In some Apache tribes, Big Owl also plays a more important mythological role as an early adversary of the War Twins. Like other legendary Apache beings, Big Owl is sometimes described as having human form (in this case a man-eating ogre) and other times animal form (in this case a horned owl large enough to carry off a child.)

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Big Owl Stories

*Coyote Proves Himself A Cannibal:
    The Apache trickster Coyote gets the better of Big Owl.

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    Charming anthology of legends told by Apache and other Arizona Indian children.

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