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Blackfoot Culture and History

As a complement to our Blackfoot language information, we would like to share our directory of indexed links about the Blackfoot people and various aspects of their society.

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Please note that the Blackfoot and other American Indians are living people with a present and a future as well as a past. Ancient history is interesting and important, but the Blackfoot Indians are still here today, too, and we try to feature modern writers as well as traditional folklore, contemporary art as well as museum pieces, and the life and struggles of today as well as the tragedies of yesterday. Suggestions for new links are always welcome.

Our Blackfoot Websites

Blackfoot Language:
    Information and language learning materials from the Blackfoot Indian language.
Blackfoot Facts for Kids:
    Questions and answers about Blackfoot culture.
Blackfoot Legends:
    Collection of Blackfoot Indian legends and folktales.
Blackfoot Names:
    Online tutorial on how to write names using Blackfoot symbols.

Tribal and Community Links

Blackfeet Nation:
    Homepage of the Blackfeet tribe of Montana.
Blood Tribe (Kainai) * Siksika Nation * Piikani Nation:
    Homepages of the three Blackfoot First Nations of Alberta, Canada.
Rocky Mountains Tribal Leaders Council:
    Coalition of the Blackfeet Nation with nine other Indian tribes in Montana and Wyoming.
Blackfeet Community College:
    Tribal school serving the Blackfeet Indians in Montana.
Siksika Nation High School:
    Homepage of the Siksika First Nation highschool.
The Piegan Institute:
    Tribal nonprofit organization in Montana dedicated to preserving Blackfoot language and culture.
Glacier Peaks Blackfeet Casino * Discovery Lodge Casino:
    Homepages of the tribally operated Blackfoot casinos of Montana.

Books for sale on the Blackfoot Indians
Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links

Blackfoot Ways of Knowing:
    Interesting book on the culture, traditions, and worldview of the Blackfoot people.
Blackfoot Dictionary * Blackfoot-English Vocabulary * Blackfoot Grammar:
    Blackfeet language books.
The Amazing Death of Calf Shirt * Story of the Blackfoot People * Amskapi Pikuni: The Blackfeet People:
    The Piikani Blackfeet: A Culture Under Siege: * My People, the Bloods * Rebirth of the Blackfeet Nation:
    Recommended books about Blackfoot history.
The Ways of My Grandmothers * Daughters of the Buffalo Women:
    A Blackfoot woman's biographies of her elder relatives.
Firewater: The Impact of the Whiskey Trade on the Blackfoot Nation:
    Detailed historical study of the alcohol trade's effects on the Blackfoot tribe.
Crowfoot, Chief of the Blackfeet:
    Biography of the Blackfoot Indian chief Crowfoot.
Charcoal's World:
    Interesting historical examination of a Blackfoot man's clash with white culture and the law.
The Sun Came Down * Blackfoot Lodge Tales * Blackfoot Stories of Old:
    Mythology of the Blackfoot Indians * Blackfeet Indian Stories:
    Good books of Blackfoot American Indian myths and legends.
Ni Kso Ko Wa:
    Book about Blackfoot spiritual beliefs.
Blackfeet Crafts * Blackfoot Craftworker's Book:
    Blackfoot craft books.
Blackfoot War Art and Pictographs: * War Paint: Blackfoot and Sarcee Painted Buffalo Robes:
    Blackfeet, Artists of the Northern Plains:
    Art collections featuring the artwork of the Blackfoot Indians.
Akak'Stiman * Modern Blackfeet * The Horse in Blackfoot Indian Culture * The Sun Dance of the Blackfoot Indians:
    Blackfoot Musical Thought:
    Anthropology studies of the Blackfoot Native American people.
Fools Crow * The Heartsong of Charging Elk * Winter in the Blood * The Indian Lawyer:
    The Death of Jim Loney * Riding the Earthboy 40:
    Books by Blackfoot/Gros Ventre writer James Welch.
My Life as an Indian * Blackfeet and Buffalo:
    Books by James Willard Schultz, an early 20th-century adventurer adopted by the Piegan Blackfeet people.
Sky Dogs * Star Boy * The Lost Children * Legend of Scarface * Storm Maker's Tipi * When Bear Stole the Chinook:
    Children's picture books based on legends of the Blackfeet Indians.
Blackfoot Children and Elders Talk Together * Blackfoot History and Culture * Blackfoot Native Americans:
    Books for kids about Blackfoot culture and history.
Standing Alone:
    Biography of a contemporary Blood Indian.
Old Indian Trails * The Black Moccasin: Life on the Blackfeet Indian reservation:
    Older books about Blackfoot history and culture.
American Indian Literature:
    Evolving list of books by and about the Blackfeet and Native Americans in general.

Maps of Blackfoot Lands

Indian Tribes in Montana:
    Tribal map showing the original lands of the Montana Blackfoot Indians and their neighbors.
Virtual Museum of New France: Plains Indians:
    Historical maps and articles about the Blackfoot, Sioux, Cheyenne, and other Plains Indian tribes.

Blackfoot Lifestyle and Tradition

Blackfoot Nation:
    Online Native Studies courses, history, and cultural information from a Blackfoot elder.
Blackfoot Native Americans:
    Overview of Blackfoot culture and history.
Blackfoot Nation * Blackfoot/Siksika * Blood/Kainai * Peigan/Pikani:
    History of Blackfoot people in Canada.
Blackfoot Tribe:
    Article about Blackfoot culture including kinship and religion.
Edward Curtis: The Piegan: * Social Life of the Blackfoot Indians:
    20th-century ethnographies of the Piegan, Bloods, and Blackfeet tribes.
Blackfoot People:
    History and culture of the Blackfoot First Nation of Alberta.
Blackfeet Homeland Map:
    Map showing the location of the Blackfoot Confederacy territory, in Siksika and English.
Piikani Nation * Peigan * North Peigan Pikuni * Piikani Nation * Pikuni Indian Bands:
    Pikanii (Piegan) culture, lands, and people.
Siksika Nation * Siksika/Blackfoot * Siksika * Siksika Nation * Siksika Indian Nation:
    Siksika culture, lands, and people.
Blood Tribe * Blood * Kainai * Kainaiwa Nation * Blood/Kainai Indian Bands:
    Akainawa (Blood) culture, lands, and people.
Blackfeet * Southern Piikani * Pikuni/Blackfeet * Blackfeet Reservation:
    Blackfeet customs and traditions.
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Museum * Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump * Head-Smashed-In:
    Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, a sacred Blackfoot site.
Blackfoot Legends:
    Collection of Blackfoot Indian legends and folktales.
Blackfeet Nation Flag * Siksika Flag and Seal: * Piigani (Peigan) Nation: * Blood Tribe Flag:
    Blackfoot flags.
Coopee' (Berry Soup) Recipe * Blackfeet Lima Bean Soup * Wild Rice Stuffing * Blackfeet Frybread:
    Traditional Blackfoot food recipes.
Blackfoot Ethnobotany:
    Traditional uses of different kinds of plants in the Blackfoot tribe.
Standup Headdress:
    Explanation of traditional Blackfeet headdresses, with a picture of Mountain Chief wearing his.
Blackfoot Clothes * War Shirt and Leggings * American Indian Dress * Warbonnets:
    Kainai Moccasins * Native Hairstyles:
    Blackfoot clothing and other Plains Indian traditional dress.
The Blackfoot Tipi: * Houses of the Blackfoot Confederacy:
    Information and pictures about the Blackfoot Indian style of teepees.
Blackfoot Cultural Objects:
    Online museum exhibit showing different types of Blackfoot artifacts.
Blackfoot Society:
    Ethnographic facts about the Blackfoot civilization.
Niisitapiikwan (Blackfoot Confederacy) * Siksika Indians * Piikunii (Peigan) Indians * Kainai (Blood) Indians:
    Photographs of tools, weapons, and jewelry from the Blackfoot tribes of Canada.
Native American Religions:
    Advice for people researching Blackfoot religion and other American Indian spirituality.
Medicine Wheels:
    Article on Blackfoot medicine wheel monuments in Saskatchewan, with a photo of an ancient site.
Indians 101: Blackfoot Sacred Places: * The Sun Dance among the Algonquian Plains tribes:
    Articles on spiritual traditions among the Blackfoot and Cheyenne people.
Four Directions: Blackfeet:
    Timeline and links about Blackfoot history.
Blackfeet Tribe: * Siksika Indians: * Blackfeet Reservation History:
    Historical articles about the Blackfoot people.

Blackfoot Literature and Arts

James Welch * Fools Crow * The Heartsong of Charging Elk:
    Winter in the Blood * The Indian Lawyer * The Death of Jim Loney * Killing Custer:
    Riding the Earthboy 40 * Interview with James Welch:
    Blackfoot/Gros Ventre writer James Welch.
Mike Mountain Horse * My People, the Bloods:
    Kainah author Mike Mountain Horse.
Hungry Wolf * Beverly Hungry Wolf * Daughters of the Buffalo * The Ways of My Grandmothers * The Blood People:
    Shadows of the Buffalo * Children of the Circle * Children of the Sun * Legends of the Old People:
    Blackfoot Craftworker's Book * Powwow Dancers *Traditional Dress * Teachings of Nature:
    Blood authors Adolf and Beverly Hungry Wolf.
Native American Authors: Blackfoot Tribe * Blackfeet Authors * Emma Lee Warrior (Peigan):
    Native American Blackfoot authors, their lives and work.
Song Stick:
    Homepage of a Blackfeet flute carver and musician.
Blackfeet Songs:
    Pictures and information about native Blackfoot songs and dances.
Black Lodge Singers * Tribute to the Elders * People Dance * Powwow People * Kids' Pow-Wow Songs:
    Enter the Big Circle * Round Dance Tonight * Weasel Tail's Dream * It's Been A Long Time Comin':
    Blackfeet music by the popular drum group Black Lodge Singers.
Just For Old Times' Sake * Straight From The Rez:
    Pow wow music by the Siksika Ramblers.
Blood Elder Reflects On Indian Days:
    Interview about the history of the Kainai Indian Days and the evolution of powwow culture in Alberta.
Neokistomi Blackfeet Art:
    Beadwork and other fine Blackfoot Indian art for sale.
Where The Spirit Lives:
    Film about Blackfoot children's harrowing experiences at boarding schools.
American Indian Art:
    Information, photos and links about Blackfoot and other native art.

Blackfoot Politics, Issues, and News

Kainai News:
    Canadian First Nations newspaper based on the Blood Indian reserve in Alberta.
How New Montana Laws Could Hurt Native American Voting:
    Article about the challenges of exercising the right to vote on rural reservations.
Badger-Two Medicine:
    The Blackfeet Indian fight against oil drilling on their sacred land.
Blackfeet Tribe shares Covid vaccine with First Nations in Canada * Blackfeet reopen border with Glacier National Park:
    News articles about Covid responses in the Blackfeet Tribe of Montana.

Blackfoot Genealogy

Blackfeet Enrollment Department:
    Enrollment information from the Blackfeet tribe.
Cherokee-Blackfoot Natives:
    Interesting theory that people of "Cherokee-Blackfoot" ancestry are actually of Cherokee-African descent.
Blackfoot Genealogy:
    Database of Blackfoot family trees, also offering paid genealogy services.
Blackfeet Genealogy Forum:
    Messageboard for Blackfeet Indian descendants.
Native Heritage:
    Direction for those seeking Blackfoot and other American Indian ancestors.

Blackfoot History

The Pikuni * Blackfoot Indian History: The Early Days:
    History of the Blackfoot tribe, their Indian neighbors, and white Americans.
The Marias Massacre * Marias River Massacre * Witnesses to Carnage:
    The 1870 Marias Massacre of Heavy Runner's band of Piegan by the American government.
History of the Blood Tribe:
    Kainai Blackfoot history.
Lewis and Clark and the Blackfeet Indians * Lewis and Clark: Blackfeet Native American Encounter:
    Blackfoot Indian interactions with the Lewis and Clark expedition.
The 1837 Smallpox Epidemic:
    Article about the devastating effects of smallpox on the Blackfeet and other Plains Indians.
Crowfoot * Chief Crowfoot * Crowfoot, Blackfeet Chief * Chiefs of the Blackfeet:
    Sites about the Blackfoot chief Crowfoot.
Mountain Chief * Heavy Runner * Many Horses:
    Biographies of Blackfoot leaders.
Staking a Claim to Blood Brotherhood:
    The truth behind L. Ron Hubbard's claim to be a Pikuni Blackfoot "blood brother."
Blackfoot Treaty of 1855 * Treaty of 1865:
    Texts of historical treaties between the US government and the Blackfeet Indians.

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Additional Resources, Links, and References

   Wikipedia: Blackfoot Confederacy * Blackfoot Indians * Blackfoot Indian Reservation * Kainai Nation:
    Siksika Nation * Piegan Blackfeet * Northern Peigan: * Black Foot Tribe:
   Encyclopedia entries about the Blackfoot tribe.
   Kainai: * Piegan:
   Links pages about the Blackfoot tribes.
   Pueblo Pies-Negros * Pueblo Blackfeet * Pies Negros:
   Information about the Blackfoot tribe in Spanish.
   Les Am√©rindiens Pieds Noirs du Canada * Pied-Noir:
   Information about the Blackfeet Native Americans in French.
   Blackfoot Resources * Black feet * Siksika * Blackfoot * Blackfeet Indian Research:
   Blackfoot links.

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