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Indigenous Native American Tribes and Languages of Bolivia

This is an index to the Native American language and cultural information on our website pertaining to Bolivian indigenous people and the languages they speak. Some pages contain more information than others. If you belong to an indigenous tribe from Bolivia that is not currently listed on this page and you would like to see your tribe featured here, please contact us about contributing information to our site.

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There are 37 official languages of Bolivia today: Spanish (which is the country's main language and is spoken by most of the Bolivian population as either a first or second language) and thirty-six indigenous languages. The most prominent of these languages are Quechua and Aymara, each of which is spoken by nearly three million Bolivians.

The original inhabitants of the area that is now Bolivia include:

*The Araona Indians *The Aymara Indians *The Ayoreo Indians
*The Baure Indians *The Canichana Indians *The Cavinena Indians
*The Cayuvava Indians *The Chacobo Indians *The Chapacura Indians
*The Chipaya Indians *The Chiquitano Indians *The Chorote Indians
*The Guarani Indians *The Guarayo Indians *The Guarayu Indians
*The Itonama Indians *The Kallawaya Indians *The Leco Indians
*The Machinere Indians *The Mataco Indians *The Mojo Indians
*The Moré Indians *The Movima Indians *The Pacahuara Indians
*The Paicone Indians *The Pauna Indians *The Pauserna Indians
*The Puquina Indians *The Quechua Indians *The Reyesano Indians
*The Sarave Indians *The Siriono Indians *The Tacano Indians
*The Tiahuanaco Indians *The Toba Indians *The Toromona Indians
*The Tsimane Indians *The Uro Indians *The Yaminahua Indians
*The Yuracare Indians *The Zamuco Indians

Recommended books about Bolivia's Native Americans:
(Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links)

Native Tribes Of Eastern Bolivia And Western Matto Grosso: Detailed anthopology book on native Bolivian tribes.
*People of the Gran Chaco: Essays on the Chacoan tribes of Bolivia and interior South America.
*Lines in the Water: Nature and Culture at Lake Titicaca: An anthropologist's memoirs of the highland Indians of Bolivia.
*The Languages of the Andes: Linguistic overview of the Andean region, including Bolivian languages.

Other resources about American Indian history, culture and society in Bolivia:

Indian Tribes of Bolivia: Article on the Quechua, Aymara, and other indigenous Bolivian Indians.
Indigenous Peoples in Bolivia: Wikipedia article overviewing the Bolivian Indian tribes.
Bolivia Lowland Indians: Article on the Indian tribes of the Bolivia Oriente lowlands.
Native American Nations in Peru and Bolivia: Information and photographs of Indian tribes in this region.
The Musical Arts of the Bolivian Indian: Article on Bolivian Indian music, with pictures of native pipes and flutes.
The Bolivian Pollera: Article on Bolivian Indian women's clothing in the modern day.
Bolivia Language Maps: Images showing where Bolivia's native languages are spoken.
Lenguas en Bolivia: Detailed map showing the distribution of indigenous languages in Bolivia. (Page in Spanish.)

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