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Brazil Native Animals

Here are the indigenous words for six native animals of Brazil. We have given their names in four different Indian languages: Guajajara, Kaingang, Kaiwa, and Nheengatu. Notice that the English word jaguar and the Portuguese word arara both come from these indigenous languages of Brazil.

Three of these Brazilian languages are related to each other. Can you guess which languages are related from the native animal words listed here? (Hint: Not every word will sound similar even in closely related languages, so you will need to look at several different animals to figure it out!) You can find the answer on this page: Tupi-Guarani languages.

Brazil Native Animal Names

Guajajara: zàwàruhu
Kaingang: mĩg
Kaiwa: jagwarete
Nheengatu: iauareté

Guajajara: ka'i
Kaingang: kajẽr
Kaiwa: ka'i
Nheengatu: iurupixuna

Guajajara: wira
Kaingang: sikré
Kaiwa: gwyra
Nheengatu: uirá

Guajajara: arar
Kaingang: kã'ég
Kaiwa: japíry
Nheengatu: arára

Guajajara: anyra
Kaingang: krygféj
Kaiwa: mbopi
Nheengatu: andira

Guajajara: moz
Kaingang: pyn
Kaiwa: mbói
Nheengatu: buia

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