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Indian Tribes and Languages of the Caribbean

This is an index to the Native American language and cultural information on our website pertaining to Caribbean tribes. Some pages are more extensive than others. If you belong to an indigenous tribe of the Caribbean that is not currently listed on this page and you would like to see it here, please contact us about contributing information to our site.

*Arawak Indian tribe *Caquetio tribe *Carib Indian tribe *Garifuna people *Inyeri Indian tribe
*Island Carib tribe *Shebayo Indian tribe *Taino Indian tribe

Recommended books about Native American tribes and languages of the Caribbean:

*Languages of the Pre-Columbian Antilles: Interesting linguistics book on the extinct languages once spoken on the Caribbean islands.
*The Indigenous People of the Caribbean: Excellent introduction to the native people of the Caribbean.
*The Archaeology of the Caribbean: Book on ancient Caribbean people and their migrations.
*Liberties Lost: The Indigenous Caribbean and Slave Systems: Caribbean history from the indigenous and African perspectives.

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Other resources about American Indian history, culture and society in the Caribbean:

Indigenous Languages of the Caribbean: Lots of information on native Caribbean languages.
Caribbean Indigenous and Endangered Languages: Homepage of an organization working to preserve Caribbean native languages and cultures.
Central America and the Caribbean: Native Peoples: Timeline and photographs of indigenous Caribbean artwork from the Metropolitan Museum of art.
Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink: Directory of websites pertaining to indigenous people of the Caribbean region.
Indigenous Caribbean Network: Social networking site for Caribbean Indians and their supporters.
Caribbean Archaeology: Articles on traditional lifestyles in Caribbean cultures of Suriname, Aruba, and St. Eustatius.
Native American Nations in the Carribean: Overview of Caribbean culture in the Arawak, Taino and Carib tribes, with photographs.

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