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Native Languages of the Americas:
Chickasaw Legends and Traditional Stories

This is our collection of links to Chickasaw folktales and traditional stories that can be read online. We have indexed our American Indian folktales section by tribe to make them easier to locate; however, variants on the same legend are often told by American Indians from different tribes, especially if those tribes are kinfolk or neighbors to each other. In particular, though these legends come from the Chickasaw tribe, the traditional stories of related tribes like the Choctaw and Muscogee are very similar.

Enjoy the stories! If you would like to recommend a Chickasaw legend for this page or think one of the ones on here should be removed, please let us know.

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Chickasaw Mythological Figures

Ababinili (also spelled Aba Binili, Ubabeneli and other ways): The Creator God of the Chickasaw tribe. His name is pronounced a-ba-bin-ih-lee and means "one who sits above" or "dwells above."

Rabbit Trickster (Chokfi or Chukfi): Rabbit is the trickster figure in the folklore of the Chickasaw and other Muskogean tribes. His name is pronounced similar to chook-fee, with the first syllable rhyming with "book."

Sint-Holo: Dragon-like horned serpent of Chickasaw mythology.

Lofa: A foul-smelling, bigfoot-like ogre.

Chickasaw Indian Folklore

*The Big White Dog And The Sacred Pole:
    Origin story of the Chickasaw tribe.
*Chickasaw and Choctaw Creation Story:
    The legend of Chata and Chicksah, chiefs who founded the two related tribes.
*Chickasaw Flood Myth:
    Chickasaw legend about the flooding of the earth.
*Ababinili And The Humans:
    Chickasaw myth about the creation of human beings.
*The Legend of the Squirrel Stick:
    Chickasaw legend about a young man winning a wife.
*Ghost of the White Deer:
    Chickasaw legend explaining why the white deer is sacred.
*Story of the Bird Clan * Story of the Raccoon Clan: * Story of the Red Fox Clan: * Story of the Wildcat Clan:
    Chickasaw stories about the people of different legendary clans.
*Myths and Tales of the Southeastern Indians:
    Collection of traditional stories from Muskogean tribes.

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Recommended Books on Chickasaw Mythology

Baby Rattlesnake:
    Charming picture book about a young rattlesnake learning a lesson, told by a Chickasaw storyteller.
Southeastern Native American Legends:
    Book comparing the traditional stories of the Chickasaw and other Southeast tribes.

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