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Choctaw Indian Language

Choctaw is a Muskogean language of the American Southeast, particularly Mississippi and Alabama. It is very closely related to Chickasaw and many linguists consider the two dialects of a single language. There are around 10,000 speakers of Choctaw today (and another 1000 Chickasaw speakers), most in Oklahoma, where the Choctaw tribe was forcibly relocated in the 1800's. Like other Muskogean languages, Choctaw is a language with morphologically complex verbs and SOV word order.

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Choctaw Language
Choctaw language samples and resources.

Choctaw Culture and History
Related links about the Choctaw Indian tribe past and present.

Choctaw Indians Fact Sheet
Our answers to common questions about the Choctaws.

Choctaw Legends
Introduction to the mythology of the Choctaw tribe.

Choctaw Language Resources

Our Online Choctaw Language Materials

Choctaw Vocabulary:
    List of vocabulary words in Choctaw, with comparison to words in other Muskogean languages.
Choctaw Pronunciation Guide:
    How to pronounce Choctaw words.
Choctaw Picture Dictionary:
    Illustrated glossary of animal words in the Choctaw language.
Choctaw Body Parts:
    Online and printable body p art worksheets in the Choctaw language.
Choctaw Colors:
    Worksheet showing color words in the Choctaw language.
Choctaw Numbers:
    Worksheet showing how to count in Choctaw.
Choctaw Food:
    Worksheet with pictures of food words in the Choctaw language.

Choctaw Dictionaries, Audio Tapes and Language Resources
Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links

Choctaw Language and Culture:
    Choctaw language learning book for sale (also lots of interesting cultural information in here).
Chahta Anumpa:
    CD-ROM language lessons for the Choctaw language.
A Dictionary of the Choctaw Language:
    Choctaw dictionary for sale.
Native Languages of the Southeastern United States:
    Survey of Southeast Native American languages, including Choctaw.
American Indian Dictionaries:
    Choctaw and other Native American dictionaries and language materials for sale.

Choctaw Language Community and Resources

Choctaw Language Department:
    Homepage of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma's language program.
Learning the Choctaw Language:
    Language retention program of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.
School of Choctaw Language:
    Offering high school and community college Choctaw language classes in Durant and online.

Choctaw Language Lessons and Linguistic Descriptions

Choctaw Language, Alphabet and Pronunciation:
    Phonological inventory of Choctaw, with a sample text.
Choctaw Language:
    Overview of how to talk in Choctaw.
Choctaw Phrasebook:
    List of common Choctaw words and phrases.
Hello Oklahoma: Choctaw Tribe:
    Choctaw alphabet, greeting, and sample text.
Grammar in Choctaw Language:
    A simple overview of Choctaw grammar.
Choctaw Language * Choctaw Orthography * Choctaw Numbers * Choctaw Grammar * Choctaw Phonology:
    Choctaw Syntax * Choctaw Biblical Translation:
    Scanned-in Choctaw language materials from the Rosetta Project.
Freelang Choctaw Dictionary:
    Free downloadable wordlist from the Choctaw language.
Choctaw Audio:
    Sound files of Choctaw Indian words and phrases.
Choctaw Lesson:
    A language learning dialogue with commentary by the Internet Choctaw Language Association.
Choctaw Prayers:
    Choctaw translation of the Lord's Prayer.
Language Museum: Choctaw:
    Bible passage in the Choctaw Indian language.
House of Languages: Choctaw
     Information about Choctaw language usage.
Ethnologue: Choctaw:
    Demographic information about the Choctaw language.
Choctaw Language Tree:
    Theories about Choctaw's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Choctaw Language Structures:
    Choctaw linguistic profile and academic bibliography.

Choctaw Proper Names

Choctaw Indian Names:
    Article on Choctaw name traditions, with translations and explanations of historical Choctaw names.
Names from the Choctaw Language:
    Examples of traditional Choctaw names and modern baby names inspired by the Choctaw language.
Native American Dog Names:
    Our new fundraiser suggesting Choctaw and other American Indian names for dogs and other pets.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

Wikipedia: Choctaw:
Encyclopedia articles about the Choctaw language.
Lengua Choctaw:
Information on the Choctaw language in Spanish, including linguistic maps of the Southeast.
Choctaw Tribe:
Choctaw Indian books.

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