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Cochimi (Cochimí)

Cochimi was a Yuman language of Mexico, related to the living languages Kumeyaay and Cocopa. The Yuman languages are considered by some linguists to be members of the larger Hokan language family. Cochimi was once spoken in Baja California but has not been spoken since the 1800's, and the Cochimi people do not exist any longer as a distinct people (although their kinfolk the Kumeyaay are sometimes still referred to as "Cochimis" by other Mexicans).

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Cochimi Language Resources

Cochimi Vocabulary:
    Our list of vocabulary words in the Cochimi language, with comparison to words in other Hokan languages.
Oraciones Cochimi * Cochimi Prayer:
    Cochimi translations of the Lord's Prayer.
Cochimi Words * Cochimi Verbs * Cochimi Sentences * Cochimi Text Sample:
    Wordlist, grammar and a language learning dialogue in Cochimi.
Ethnologue: Cochimi:
    Demographic information about the Cochimi language.
Cochimi Language Tree * Laimón Language Tree:
    Theories about Cochimi's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Cochimi and Proto-Yuman:
    Linguistics book for sale on the Cochimi language.

Cochimi Culture and History Links

   Cochimi Rock Art:
    A few photographs of Cochimi petroglyphs and pictographs in Baja California.
   Cochimi Tribe:
    Cochimi links.

Links, References, and Additional Information

Wikipedia: Cochimí:
Encyclopedia articles about the Cochimi language and culture.
Lengua Cochimí:
Information on the Cochimi language in Spanish.

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