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Native American Creation Myths and Legends

Native American Creation Stories

*World Parent Myths:
    Comparison of Huron, Inuit, and Cree creation myths.
*Abenaki Creation Story * Gluskonba Makes the People * Kloskurbeh and the Abanaki:
    Abenaki Indian creation myths.
*Micmac Creation Myth * Creation of the World According to the Mi’gmaq * Mi'kmaq Creation:
    Mi'kmaw Creation Story * Mi'kmaq Creation Myth:
    Micmac origin myths.
*Creation of the World * History of the Anishinaabek * Wenebojo Creates the Earth * Manabozho and the Muskrat * Nanabozho and the Origin of the Earth * Waynaboozhoo and the Great Flood:
    Different versions of the Anishinaabe Native American creation story.
*Achomawi Creation Myth * Creation and Longevity:
    Achumawi Indian creation myths.
*The Lenapé Creation Story * Lenape Creation Web:
    Lenape myths about the creation of the world.
*Nipmuc Creation Story:
    Nipmuc legend about the Muskrat helping the Great Spirit to create the earth.
*The Sun Dance Wheel * Arapaho Story of Creation:
    Arapaho creation myths.
The Creation of the World:
    The Gros Ventre creation myth.
*The Beginning of the Cree World:
    Cree creation myth.
*Grandmother's Creation Story:
    Another Cree myth of creation, this one about the relationship between the first animals and humans.
*Blackfeet Creation Tale * How The Old Man Made People:
    Two version of the Blackfoot myth about the creation of the world.
*Great Medicine Makes a Beautiful Country:
    The Cheyenne creation myth.
*Achomawi Creation Myth * Atsugewi Creation Story * Creation and Longevity:
    California Indian stories of the creation of the world by Silver-Fox and Coyote.
*Dotson'Sa, Great Raven Makes The World:
    Athabaskan legend about Raven's creation of the earth.
*Iroquois Creation Myth:
    Cayuga myths about Sky Woman and the creation of the earth.
*Mother Corn and the Beginning * Arikara Creation Myth:
    Arikara legends abou the origin of the world.
*Aztec Creation Story:
    Aztec myth about the creation of the world.
*Mexican Ideas of the Creation:
    Origin myths of the Toltec, Mixtec, Zapotec, and Aztec civilizations.
*The Creation And Early Migrations:
    Caddo myths about the origin of the world and the first chief, Moon.
*The Well-Baked Man * A Potawatomi Creation Story:
    Native American stories about the Great Spirit's creation of different races. (Note that our volunteers believe that these stories
    are intended as humorous tales, not serious creation myths. But other Native people may feel differently.)

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Recommended Books about Native American Creation Myths
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Remaking The Earth: A Creation Story from the Great Plains of North America:
    Picture book based on Blackfoot and Arapaho creation myths in which the world is rebuilt after a great flood.
The Rainbow Bridge:
    Children's book illustrating the Chumash creation and migration legends.

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