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The list of my CRPG pages so far:

dotBaldur's Gate 2 is my most extensive game site with sections on Athkatla, Spellhold, the Underdark, cheats, patches, FAQ, NPCs, quest list, walkthrough, and review. Whew!

dotI have a site on Baldur's Gate II Throne of Bhaal now too, including a walkthrough, cheats, patch, and review.

dotThe steampunk adventure Arcanum has some serious flaws in it (especially for female gamers!), but it's still fun to play and here's what I've got on it so far: a walkthrough, cheat codes, maps, character, and review.

dotWizardry 8 is the grand finale to the long-running Wizardry series and I think it's the best of the lot (yes yes, I liked WizGold too, but the combats are less annoying in Wiz8 and the cheese factor isn't nearly as bad.) Here's my walkthrough, cheats, forums, quotations, sections on Marten's Bluff and review.

dotBlade of Destiny is the first game in the German "Realms of Arkania" series. (I have pages on Star Trail and Shadows Over Riva too, though the Riva walkthrough is unfinished. All three are great old-school games, but it can be a challenge to get them working, since the first two have mouse problems and the third one won't work with Windows XP. You can read my Shadows Over Riva review too.

dotMiscellaneous game pages: Watcher`s Keep, Myst walkthrough, Riven walkthrough, Black Mirror walkthrough, Syberia walkthrough, Longest Journey walkthrough, Return to Krondor walkthrough

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