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Native American Culture Heroes

Native American Culture Heroes from Various Tribes

*Amalivaca (Tamanaco culture hero)
*Charred-Body (Hidatsa culture hero)
Glooscap (Wabanaki culture hero)
Jamul (Achumawi culture hero)
Keri and Kami (Bakairi culture heroes)
Kokumthena (Shawnee culture heroine)
Kujuri (Apalai culture hero)
Kumsnootl (Comox culture hero)
Kururumany (Arawak culture hero)
*Little Hare (Ho-Chunk culture hero)
Little Sprout (Huron culture hero)
Lone Man (Hidatsa culture hero)
Masau'u (Hopi culture hero)
Michabo (Algonquin culture hero)
Macunaima (Cariban culture hero)
Maushop (Wampanoag culture hero)
Menilly (Cahuilla culture hero)
Mopo (Wayana culture hero)
Moskim (Lenape culture hero)
Nanabozho (Anishinabe culture hero)
Napi and Kipitaki (Blackfoot culture heroes)
Nihaat (Gros Ventre culture hero)
Nihancan (Arapaho culture hero)
Qone (Chehalis culture hero)
Raven (Arctic culture hero)
Shikla (Chinook culture heroes)
Shiok (Alsea culture hero)
Sibu (Bribri culture hero)
Sigoo (Akawaio culture hero)
Silver Fox (Northern California culture hero)
Sky Holder (Iroquois culture hero)
Tsaayaa (Beaver Indian culture hero)
Weeho (Cheyenne culture hero)
Weetucks (Narragansett culture hero)
Whiskey-Jack (Cree culture hero)
White Buffalo Calf Maiden (Sioux culture heroine)
Wisaka (Sauk-Fox-Kickapoo culture hero)
Yamozha (Dene culture hero)
Ysa (Shoshone culture hero)

Native American Culture Hero Stories

*Koluskap: Stories from Wolastoqiyik * Kluskap Tales from the Malecite * Glooscap Myths * Tobacco From Gluskabe:
    Stories about the Wabanaki Indian culture hero Glooskap.
*A Gust of Wind * Wenabojo Stories * Nanabozho Creates the Earth * Manabozho's Adventures:
    Stories about Nanabozho, culture hero of the Anishinabe Indian tribes.
*Creation of the Earth * Wiza'ka'a and the Buzzard:
    Stories about the culture hero Wisaka of the Prairie Algonquian tribes.
*Raven's Athabaskan Tales:
    Online collection of seven Alaskan Athabaskan legends about the trickster hero Raven.

Recommended Books about American Indian Culture Heroes
Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links

On the Trail of Elder Brother:
    The traditional culture hero cycle told by a Mi'kmaq author and illustrator.
Gluskabe Stories:
    Audio tape of legends about an Indian culture hero, engagingly told by Abenaki storyteller Joseph Bruchac.
Voices of Earth and Sky: The Vision Life of the Native Americans and Their Culture Heroes:
    Book of Native American legends from several tribes about culture heroes, medicine men, and mortal heroes on sacred quests.

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