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Cusabo Indians

The Cusabo Indians were a small tribe of South Carolina, allies of the Creek Indians. Few records remain of their language, and though some have theorized that it may have been a Muskogean language like Creek, there is no good evidence of this. The Cusabos no longer exist as a distinct tribe. They merged into the neighboring Creek tribe after a devastating smallpox epidemic. Most Cusabo descendants live among the Creeks today, although some probably retreated into Florida along with members of other southern tribes and ended up joining the Seminole Nation.

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Cusabo Language Resources

MultiTree: Cusabo:
    Theories about Cusabo's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.

Cusabo Culture and History Links

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    Article on the Cusabo tribe from the Handbook of American Indians.
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    History of the Cusabos.
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    Fact sheet on the Cusabo Indians.
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    Interesting article about connections between the Cusabos, the Calusas, and the South American Indians.
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    Encyclopedia articles on the Cusabo Indians.
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    Timeline and links about Cusabo history.

Books for sale on the Cusabo Indians
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The Siouan Tribes of the East:
    Book on the history of the Southeast Siouan tribes, including a chapter on the Cusabo.

Links, References, and Additional Information

Los Cusabo:
Information about the Cusabos and their language in Spanish.

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