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Adolf and Beverly Hungry Wolf

Beverly Hungry Wolf is a Blackfoot author from the Blood (Kainai) tribe in Alberta. She is also known by her maiden name, Beverly Little Bear. Her husband, Adolf Hungry Wolf, is non-native but has also written several books about his wife's tribe ("Hungry Wolf" was a Blackfoot nickname which he later adopted as his surname.)

Books by Beverly and Adolf Hungry Wolf

The Ways of My Grandmothers * Daughters of the Buffalo Women:
    Two good books by Beverly Hungry Wolf based on the lives and stories of her elder relatives.
Tribal Childhood: Growing Up in Traditional Native America * The Tipi * Pow Wow Dancer's and Craftworker's Handbook:
    Traditional Dress: Knowledge and Methods of Old-Time Clothing:
    Anthropology/history books about the Blackfoot tribe and their lifestyle by Adolf Hungry Wolf.

Hungry Wolf Resources

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