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James Welch

James Welch is one of the most prominent contemporary Native American authors. He was born in 1940 and passed away in 2003. Welch was a Montana Indian; his mother was a Gros Ventre tribal member, while his father was a Blackfeet tribal member. Welch's books about Native American life in the past and present are highly recommended by us.

Books by James Welch

Fools Crow:
    Excellent historical fiction by James Welch about Blackfoot life and hardships in the 19th century.
Winter in the Blood:
    Thought-provoking novel about a contemporary Blackfoot man struggling to find his way in the world.
The Heartsong of Charging Elk:
    Unusual, vividly memorable novel about a Lakota performer in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.
The Death of Jim Loney * The Indian Lawyer:
    Two novels by James Welch following the lives and hardships of modern Montana Indians.
Riding the Earthboy 40:
    Book of poetry by James Welch.
Killing Custer:
    History book by James Welch about the Battle of Little Big Horn and the end of the Indian Wars.

Movies by James Welch

Winter in the Blood:
    Excellent movie adaptation of Welch's classic novel.

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