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Kallawaya (Kallawayas)

"Kallawaya" is the name for a type of indigenous Andean medicine man or curandero. It is also the name of the ritual language used by the kallawayas for spiritual purposes, which is made up of a mixture of Andean languages (Quechua, Puquina, and Aymara.)

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Here are links to some online resources about the kallawayas:

 Kallawayas: The Sacred Healers of the Andes
 Kallawayas: The Nomadic Medicine Men of Bolivia
 The story of the Kallawayas
 Wikipedia: Kallawayas

Here are links to our webpages about the Kallawayas and their language:

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Here are a few good books about the kallawayas of the Andean mountains:
 Healers of the Andes: Kallawaya Herbalists and Their Medicinal Plants
 White, Grey and Black Kallawaya Healing Rituals
 Los kallawayas: Medicina indígena en los Andes bolivianos

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