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John Smelcer

John Smelcer is an Ahtna (Alaskan Athabaskan) author and language revitalization advocate, several of whose books are recommended on our website.

Books by John Smelcer

Smelcer is a prolific writer with more than 40 books to his name, but here are some of our favorites:

Beautiful Words: The Complete Ahtna Poems:
    Bilingual collection of Ahtna and English poetry by John Smelcer.
The Trap * Lone Wolves * Edge of Nowhere:
    Three good adventure novels by Athna author John Smelcer.
The Great Death:
    Historical fiction novel by John Smelcer about a 1918 epidemic in Native Alaska.
Alaskan: Stories from the Great Land:
    Good book of short stories by John Smelcer.
In the Shadows of Mountains * The Raven and the Totem:
    Two books of Native Alaskan mythology and oral history compiled by John Smelcer.
The Indian Prophet * Without Reservation * Songs from an Outcast:
    Three good books of English-language poetry by John Smelcer.

John Smelcer Resources

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