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Barbacoan Language Family

Though linguists have associated the Barbacoan languages with the Chibchan languages in the past, today they are believed to be distinct and comprise a language family of their own. Barbacoan languages are spoken in southwestern Colombia and northern Ecuador.

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Barbacoan languages include:

  • Barbacoan Languages
  • Northern Barbacoan Languages
  • Awa Pit/Cuaiquer
  • Coconucan Languages
  • Coconuco
  • Guambiano
  • Totoro
  • Southern Barbacoan Languages
  • Cara
  • Cha'palaachi
  • Tsafiki
  • Unclassified/Uncertain
  • Barbacoa
  • Guanaca
  • Pasto/Muellama
  • Sindagua
  • Telembi

  • The Andaqui language has also sometimes been classified as Barbacoan, although most linguists consider it a language isolate. Another language recorded as "Moguex" is now thought to be an erroneous compilation of words from two different languages, Guambiano and Paez.

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    Barbacoan Vocabulary:
         Comparison of words in various Barbacoan languages.

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    Barbacoan Language Family:
         Ethnologue of Barbacoan languages.
    Barbacoan Languages:
         Wikipedia entry about the Barbacoan language family.

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