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Native Languages

Caddoan Language Family

The Caddoan languages are spoken in the Midwestern United States.

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Caddoan languages include:

  • Northern Caddoan Languages
  • Pawnee-Kitsai Languages
  • Arikara
  • Kitsai
  • Pawnee
  • Wichita
  • Southern Caddoan Languages
  • Caddo
  • Possibly Caddoan:
  • Adai
  • Native Languages

    Our Caddoan Language Features

    Caddoan Vocabulary:
         Words in various Caddoan languages.

    Links to Other Caddoan Language Resources

    Caddoan Language Family:
         Ethnologue of Caddoan languages.
    Caddoan Languages:
        Overview of the Caddoan Indians and their languages, with a map.
    Caddoan Languages:
        Overview of the Caddoan Indian languages, their history and distribution.

    Caddoan Language Materials Available Offline
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    Caddo Verb Morphology:
         Detailed linguistic analysis of Caddo morphology and grammar in general.

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