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Chibchan Language Family

Chibchan languages are spoken in the northwest corner of South America (Columbia, Ecuador, and Venezuela) and the southern part of Central America (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras.)

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Chibchan languages include:
  • Northern Chibchan Languages
  • Pech (Seco)
  • Southern Chibchan Languages
  • Votic Languages
  • Corobicí
  • Maleku
  • Rama
  • Voto
  • Isthmic Languages
  • Bogotá
  • Boruca
  • Bribri
  • Buglere
  • Cabécar
  • Cuna (Kuna)
  • Chánguena
  • Dorasque
  • Huetar
  • Ngabere
  • Teribe
  • Magdalenic Languages
  • Arhuacan Languages
  • Arhuaco (Ika)
  • Damana (Wiwa, Malayo)
  • Kogui
  • Chibcha (Muisca)
  • Duit
  • Kankuamo
  • Sinsiga
  • Tunebo (U'wa)
  • Southeastern Chibchan Languages
  • Barí
  • Chimila (Ette Taara)
  • Lost/Unattested/Uncertain Chibchan Languages:
  • Cueva
  • Nutabe
  • Old Catio
  • Sinú
  • Possibly Chibchan:
  • Cofán
  • Native Languages


    Our Chibchan Language Features

    Chibchan Vocabulary:
         Words in various Chibchan languages.

    Links to Other Chibchan Language Resources

    Chibchan Language Family:
         Ethnologue of Chibchan languages.
    Chibchan Languages:
        Overview of the Chibchan Indian languages, their history and distribution.
    Macro-Chibchan Languages:
        Article on the proposed Macro Chibchan stock, linking the Chibchan language family with the Misumalpan, Jirajaran, and other languages.
    Los Chibchas:
        Information about the Chibchan-speaking tribes in Spanish.

    Chibchan Language Materials Available Offline
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    The Languages of the Andes:
         Great overview of the Chibchan languages and other Native American language families of the Andean mountains.

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