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Kiowa-Tanoan Language Family

Kiowa-Tanoan languages are spoken in the American Southwest and Southern Plains.

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The Kiowa-Tanoan languages include:

  • Kiowa
  • Tanoan Languages
  • Tewa (Tano)
  • Tiwa
  • Towa (Jemez)
  • Native Languages

    Our Kiowa-Tanoan Language Features

    Kiowa-Tanoan Vocabulary:
         Words in various Kiowa-Tanoan languages.

    Links to Other Kiowa-Tanoan Language Resources

    Kiowa-Tanoan Language Family:
         Ethnologue of Kiowa-Tanoan languages.
    Kiowa-Tanoan Languages:
        Overview of the Kiowa-Tanoan Indian languages, their history and distribution.

    Kiowa-Tanoan Language Materials Available Offline
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    Comparative Kiowa-Tanoan:
         Linguistics text on the Kiowa-Tanoan languages.

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