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Native Languages

Muskogean Language Family

Muskogean languages are spoken in the American southeast.

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Muskogean languages include:

  • Eastern Muskogean Languages
  • Muskogee (Creek)
  • Central Muskogean Languages
  • Southern Muskogean Languages
  • Hitchiti
  • Mikasuki
  • Western Muskogean Languages
  • Chickasaw
  • Choctaw
  • Alabama
  • Appalachee
  • Koasati
  • Lost/Unattested/Uncertain Muskogean Languages:
  • Acolapissa
  • Apalachicola
  • Bayougoula
  • Chakchiuma
  • Chatot
  • Chiaha
  • Kaskinampo
  • Mobile
  • Muklasa
  • Oconee
  • Okmulgee
  • Pensacola
  • Tuskegee
  • Native Languages

    Our Muskogean Language Features

    Muskogean Vocabulary:
         Words in various Muskogean languages.

    Links to Other Muskogean Language Resources

    Muskogean Language Group:
         Ethnologue of Muskogean languages.
    Muskogean Languages:
        Overview of the Muskogean Indian languages, their history and distribution.

    Muskogean Language Materials Available Offline
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    Bibliography Of The Muskhogean Languages:
         Pilling's venerable survey of Muskogean linguistic studies.
    Native Languages of the Southeastern United States:
         Collected essays on Muskogean, Caddo, and Cherokee linguistics.

    Culture and History of the Muskogean People

    Reconstructing Proto-Muskogean Language and Prehistory:
        Anthropology paper on the ancient Muskogean Indians.
    Hierarchal Muskogean Societies from a Muskogee Perspective:
         Article on the prehistoric Muskogeans' architecture, religion and political structure.

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