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Native Languages

Wakashan Language Family

Spoken along the west coast in the northwestern US and southwestern Canada, Wakashan languages include:

  • Northern Wakashan Languages
  • Haisla
  • Heiltsuk
  • Kwakiutl/Kwak'wala
  • Southern Wakashan Languages
  • Makah
  • Nuu-Chah-Nulth/Nootka
  • Native Languages

    Our Wakashan Language Features

    Wakashan Vocabulary:
         Words in various Wakashan languages.

    Links to Other Wakashan Language Resources

    Wakashan Language Family:
         Ethnologue of Wakashan languages.
    Wakashan Languages:
        Wikipedia article on the Wakashan Indian languages, their history and distribution.

    Wakashan Language Materials Available Offline

    Bibliography Of The Wakashan Languages:
         Pilling's venerable survey of Wakashan linguistic studies.

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