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Native American Tribes of Georgia

Welcome to our Georgia State Facts section, part of an educational project designed to provide information about indigenous people in different U.S. states. Follow the links to the right of our tribal map for more information about the language, culture and history of each Georgia tribe, or scroll below the map for Georgia Indian activities including a wordsearch, fact sheets, and words from the Native American languages of Georgia. Feel free to print any of these materials out for classroom use!

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American Indians in Georgia

The original natives of the area that is now Georgia included:

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*The Apalachee Indians
*The Cherokee Indians
*The Hitchiti, Oconee and Miccosukee Indians
*The Muskogee Creek Indians
*The Timucua Indians
*The Yamasee and Guale Indians

Other Indian tribes were driven into Georgia after Europeans arrived:

*The Shawnee Indians
*The Yuchi Indians

There are no federally recognized Indian tribes in Georgia today.

Georgia's Native American tribes were forced to move west during the 19th century, despite a Supreme Court ruling that it was unconstitutional to evict them from the state. Most tribes that once were native to Georgia ended up on Indian reservations in Oklahoma. If you click on the link for each tribe above, you can find more information about them.

Of course, some native people remained behind in hiding. There are three tribes in Georgia which are recognized by the state as descendants of those people:

*The Cherokee Indians of Georgia:
PO Box 337
St. George, GA 31646

*The Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee:
PO Box 1915
Cumming, GA 30028

*The Lower Muscogee Creek Tribe:
Rte 2, PO Box 370
Whigham, GA 31797

Teaching and learning activities about Georgia Native Americans:

Feel free to print these out to use at school!

*Georgia Native American Word Search: Printable puzzle hiding the names of Georgia's Indian tribes.
*Georgia Language Greetings: Learn to say "hello" in several Native Georgia languages.
*Georgia Native Animals: Learn the Native American names of Georgia animals.
*Write Your Name In Cherokee: Directions for using the Cherokee writing system to spell English names.
*Georgia Indian Facts for Kids: Answers to frequently asked questions about the tribes of Georgia.
    We currently have pages for the Cherokee, Miccosukee, Muscogee, Yuchi, Apalachees and Shawnees.

Recommended books for sale about Georgia Native Americans
(Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links)

*Archaeology and History of the Native Georgia Tribes History of Georgia's tribes from Paleo-Indian times to the present day.
*The Georgia Gold Rush: Interesting history of the effects of gold mining on Georgia Native Americans.
*Georgia Indian Dictionary for Kids: Book on Native Americans in Georgia for grade-school kids.
*Encyclopedia of Georgia Indians: Thorough reference book about the Native American tribes of Georgia.
*The Politics of Indian Removal: History of the forced relocation of Alabama and Georgia Creek Indians to Oklahoma.
*Cherokee Nation V. Georgia: Native American Rights: A good book on the Indian Removals of Georgia for younger readers.
*Only The Names Remain: The Cherokees and the Trail of Tears: History of the Cherokee Indians in Georgia.
*Antiquities of the Southern Indians, Particularly of the Georgia Tribes: Book of prehistoric Georgia Indian artifacts.

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Other resources about American Indian history, culture and society in Georgia state:

*Native Americans in North Georgia:
    Extensive information on Georgia Indian history and prehistory.
*Georgia's Indian Heritage:
    Archaeology of Georgia, with prehistoric artifacts and maps.
*Institute of Native American Studies:
    News and research on the Southeastern American tribes from the University of Georgia.
*Cherokee of Georgia Tribal Grounds: * Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee:
    Social media and community websites of the Georgia Cherokee tribes.
*Indian Removal Act of 1830:
    History of the eviction of the Cherokees and other Indian tribes of Georgia.
*Cherokee Nation v. Georgia:
    The legal decision in favor of the Georgia Cherokee Indians written by John Marshall.
*Access Genealogy Georgia: * Native American History of Decatur County:
    Historical profiles and ancestry links for American Indian tribes native to Georgia.
Ocmulgee Mounds Historical Park * Etowah Indian Mounds:
    Two Georgia state parks featuring sites of the ancient Mississippian Mound Builder civilization of Georgia.
Macon Ocmulgee Indian Celebration:
    Video of Native American dance traditions from an annual Georgia powwow festival.
Georgia Tribe Cultural Photographs * Atlanta History Center: Native Land:
    Online museum exhibit with pictures of Georgia Native pottery, arrowheads, and other artifact types.
Southeast Native Ethnobotany:
    Information on the traditional uses of plants among the Cherokee and other tribes of Georgia.
*Indians 101: Georgia, the Cherokee, and the Execution of Corn Tassel:
    Article on the history of the Cherokee Nation in Georgia.

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