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Native American Giant Animals of Myth and Legend

Legendary American Indian Giant Animals from Various Tribes

Aniwye (Chippewa Indian giant skunk)
Big Man-Eater (Creek Indian giant animal)
Big Rump Bear (Lenape Indian giant bear)
Big Sturgeon (Menominee Indian giant fish)
Culloo (Wabanaki Indian giant eagle)
Giant Birds (many tribes)
*Giant Frog (Wabanaki Indian giant animal)
Great Bear (Iroquois Indian giant bear)
*Great Serpent (Algonquian Indian giant snake)
*Great Hairless Bear (Wabanaki Indian giant bear)
*Misi-Maskwa (Cree Indian giant bear)
*Pinesi (Anishinabe Indian giant bird)
Stiff-Legged Bear (many tribes)
Thunderbird (Plains Indian giant bird)
*Tlanuwa (Cherokee giant bird)
Wind Eagle (Wabanaki Indian giant eagle)

Native American Giant Animal Stories

Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle * Why We Need Wind * The Great Wind-Bird:
    Wabanaki Indian stories about Wuchowsen, the giant bird of the wind.
Glooskap Fights the Water Monster * Gluskabe and the Giant Frog * The Frog Monster:
    Wabanaki stories about a Giant Frog causing a deadly drought.
*Great Serpent and the Great Flood:
    Chippewa story about Nanabozho slaying a giant serpent.
*When Squirrels Were Huge * Klouskap and the Squirrel * Glooscap Shrinks the Animals * Gluskabe and the Giant Animals * The Giant Squirrel:
    Algonquian legends about giant animals being reduced to their modern size.

Recommended Books about Giant Animals in Native American Mythology

When the Chenoo Howls: Native American Tales of Terror:
    Eerie stories about giant animals and other Native American monsters, told by an Abenaki Indian storyteller.
Brave Wolf and the Thunderbird:
    Wonderful children's book illustrating a traditional Crow Indian story about a man who helps a giant bird.

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