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Native American Giant Birds of Myth and Legend

Legendary American Indian Giant Birds from Various Tribes

Animikii (Anishinabe Indian giant bird)
*Badogiak (Abenaki Indian giant bird)
Big Owl (Apache Indian giant bird)
*Chequa (Potawatomi Indian giant bird)
*Dahu (Hidatsa giant bird)
*Huhuk (Pawnee giant bird)
Klu (Maliseet Indian giant bird)
*Pinesi (Chippewa Indian giant bird)
Pomola (Penobscot Indian giant bird)
The Thunder Bird (Plains Indian giant bird)
*Tlanuwa (Cherokee giant bird)
Wuchowsen (Wabanaki Indian giant bird)

Native American Giant Bird Stories

Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle * Why We Need Wind * The Great Wind-Bird:
    Wabanaki Indian stories about Wuchowsen, the giant bird of the wind.
    Penobscot Indian legends about humans who married the giant storm birds of Mt. Katahdin.
Wakinyan Tanka, the Great Thunderbird:
    Lakota Sioux legends about thunderbirds.
*The Snow-Bird and the Day-Eagle:
    Abenaki legend about two giant birds that cause winter weather and daylight.

Recommended Books about Giant Birds in Native American Mythology
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Brave Wolf and the Thunderbird:
    Wonderful children's book illustrating a traditional Crow Indian story about a man who helps a giant bird.
How Thunder and Lightning Came to Be:
    Picture book based on a Choctaw Indian legend about the giant birds that make thunder and lightning.

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