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Native American Gods and Goddesses

List of Native American Gods and Goddesses from Various Tribes

Creator Gods
Culture Heroes
Gods of the Dead
Monster Gods
Nature Spirits
Transformer Gods
Trickster Gods

Names of Specific Native American Indian Gods and Goddesses

Ababinili (Chickasaw god)
Aguguq (Aleut god)
Ahone (Powhatan god)
Apistotoke (Blackfoot god)
*Ataensic (Iroquois goddess)
Atina (Arikara goddess)
Bluejay (Chinook trickster god)
Caribou Master (Innu god)
Chebbeniathan (Arapaho god)
Chief Above (Caddo god)
Cuaygerri (Achagua god)
Gitchi Manitou (Anishinabe god)
Ekeko (Andean god)
Evaki (Bakairi goddess)
Great Spirit (many tribes)
*Henon (Iroquois god)
*Hutash (Chumash goddess)
*Ioskeha (Huron Indian god)
Iriria (Bribri goddess)
Isa (Shoshone god)
Kami (Bakairi god)
Kanati (Cherokee god)
Keri (Bakairi god)
Kisulkw (Mi'kmaq god)
Ketanitowet (Lenape god)
Kudo (Bribri god)
Kujuli (Wayana god)
Kururumany (Arawak Indian god)
Niskam (Mi'kmaq Indian god)
Maheo (Cheyenne Indian god)
Makonaima (Cariban god)
Masaw (Hopi god)
Mokat (Cahuilla god)
Mop (Apalai god)
Natosi (Blackfoot Indian god)
*Niottsi (Dene Indian god)
Nishanu (Arikara Indian god)
Okee (Powhatan Indian god)
*Onatah (Iroquois goddess)
*Piai (Carib Indian god)
Raven (Northwestern Indian god)
Raweno (Iroquois god)
Sedna (Inuit goddess)
Selu (Cherokee goddess)
Sibo (Bribri Indian god)
Silver Fox (California Indian god)
Sipakmaat (Cocopa Creator God)
*Sky-Chief (Carib Indian god)
Spider of Heaven (Arapaho Indian god)
Spider-Woman (Hopi Indian goddess)
Tabaldak (Abenaki god)
*Taronhiawagon (Iroquois Indian god)
Tsyaa (Beaver Indian god)
Tumaiyowit (Cahuilla god)
*Unetlanvhi (Cherokee Indian god)
*Unknown Woman (Choctaw goddess)
Utakk (Carrier god)
White Buffalo Calf Woman (Sioux goddess)
Yamoria (Dene Indian god)

Native American God Stories

*The Abenaki Indian Gods * Kloskurbeh and the Creator:
    Stories about the creation of the world by the Abenaki Indian god Gici Niwaskw.
*The Creator God Visits:
    Story about the Mi'kmaq Indian god Kisu'lk blessing a poor family for their hospitality.
*Coyote and Silver-Fox * Atsugewi Creation Story:
    Mythology about the California Native gods Silver-Fox and Coyote.
*Nipmuc Creation Story:
    Legend about Muskrat helping the Nipmuc Indian god Cautantowwit to create the earth.
*The Miraculous Twins:
    South American legend about the birth and life of the Bakairi Indian gods Keri and Kame.
*The Maya Gods:
    Descriptions and pictures of the different Mayan Indian gods and goddesses.

Recommended Books about Gods in Native American Mythology

Pueblo Indian Gods and Myths:
    A good introduction to the native gods and mythology of the Pueblo Indian tribes of the Southwest.
Manitou and God:
    Interesting book on the similarities and differences between Algonquian and European views of God.
Warriors, Gods & Spirits from Central & South American Mythology:
    Illustrated collection of myths and legends about Central and South American Indian gods and heroes.
*Dictionary of Ancient Deities * Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses:
    Two reference books about gods from all over the world, including Native North, South, and Central American gods.
Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods and Heroes:
    A colorful pop-up book for children about gods in world mythology, including several Mexican and Native American gods.

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