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Guarequena Indian Language (Warekena)

Language: Guarequena is an Arawakan language of South America. It is a polysynthetic language that has long, complex verbs, Guarequena is spoken by about 100 people in Venezuela and Brazil.

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Names: "Guarequena" comes from the people's own name for themselves, Walekena. Alternate spellings include Walé:kena, Walékhena, Warekena, Warekena, Warequena, Uarekena, Uarekéna, Uarequena, Uariquéna, Guarequéna, Guarekena, Guariquena, Guariquéna, Guarenquena, Uariquena, Uarakéna, Uarekána, Urequema, Uerequema, Uerequéna, Uaréqua, Werekena, Werikena, Arequena, Arequéna, Arekena, Arekiena, Arikiena, Areguéna, Ariguáne, Warikyana, and Uaréka,

Guarequena Language Resources

Guarequena Vocabulary
    Our list of vocabulary words in the Guarequena language, with comparison to other words in the Arawakan language group.
Venezuela Language Map * Languages of Northwestern Brazil:
    Maps showing the locations in South America where the Guarequena language is spoken.
A Grammar of Warekena:
    Linguistics text on the Guarequena language available to read online.
Guarequena Language Tree:
    Theories about Warekena's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Warekena Language Structures:
    Warekena linguistic profile and academic bibliography.
    Guarequena language information in Spanish.
Guarequena Papers:
    Archive of linguistics papers on Guarequena, in English and Spanish.
Werikena Words of Life:
    Translations of Bible passages intp Guarequena.

Books for sale on the Guarequenas
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Comparative Arawakan Histories
    Interesting book about the history and culture of the Guarequena and some other Arawak speaking tribes.

Guarequena Culture and History Links

Orinoco Online: Warekena:
    Culture and traditions of the Warekena tribe, with photographs of Warekena artifacts.
The Life of the Indian Tribes of South Venezuela
    Online museum exhibit on the culture of the Bare, Baniva, Kurripako, Piapoko, and Warekena tribes.
Mitología Guarequena:
    Study of Guarequena mythology available online. Site is in Spanish.
Food shamanism amongst the Warekena: * The Kuwai religions of Northern Arawak-speaking peoples:
    Anthropology papers about Warekena religious ceremonies and cultural traditions.
Somos Warekena:
    Documentary video about the Warekenas of Venezuela. Audio in Spanish.

Links, References, and Additional Information

  Endangered Languages Project: Guarequena: * OLAC: Guarequena:
  Reference lists of Guarequena language resources.
  Native tribes in Venezuela * Native tribes in Brazil:
  Information and links about indigenous culture in Venezuela and Brazil.
  Os Indios Warekenas * Povo Warekena do Brasil:
  Information about the Guarequenas in Portuguese.
  Pueblos Indigenas: Los Warekena:
  Information about the Guarequenas in Spanish.

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