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Han-Kutchin (Hankutchin, Hwech'in, Moosehide, Dawson)

Han-Kutchin is an Athabascan language of Alaska and the Yukon. Han is a highly endangered language spoken by only a handful of elders today, but some young people are working to keep their ancestral language alive.

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˜Han Language Resources

Han Language Lessons
     Audio lessons and other Han language learning resources from the Yukon Native Language Centre.
     Alaskan Athapascan fonts for Windows, including Han and ten other languages.
Han Language, Alphabet and Pronunciation:
    Phonological inventory of Han, with a sample text.
     Han orthography and text example.
Alaska Native Language Center: Han:
    Profile of the Han Indians and their language.
Han Language Plaque
     Canadian human rights tribute written in Han.
Freelang Han Dictionary:
    Free downloadable wordlist of the Han language.
Han Prayers:
    Han translation of the Lord's Prayer and other Christian prayers.
Han Language
     Han demographic information from the Ethnologue of Languages.
Han Language Tree:
    Theories about Han's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.

Han Culture and History Links

    History of the Han tribe in Canada.
Canadian Peoples: Na-Dene:
    Ethnography of the Han and other Athabaskan nations.
Tr'ondek Hwech'in
     Community profile and history of the Han people of the Yukon.
Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage: Tr'ondek Hwech'in (Han):
    Online exhibit of Han artifacts from the Canadian Museum of Civilization.
Athabaskan Clothes:
    Pictures of Alaskan Athabaskan clothing, jewelry and beadwork.
Han Legends:
    Collection of Han Indian legends and folktales.
Four Directions: Han:
    Timeline and links about Han history.

Books for sale on the Han-Kutchins
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The Han Indians: A Compilation of Ethnographic & Historical Data on the Alaska-Yukon Boundary Area
     Ethnography of the Han tribe for sale online.

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Additional Resources, Links, and References

  Endangered Languages Project: Han:
  Bibliography of Han language resources.
  Wikipedia: Hän * North American People: Hän * Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in:
  Encyclopedia articles about the Han people and their language.
  Peuples autochtones de la a zone boréale:
  Information about the Han and other First Nations of Northern Canada in French.
   Lengua Han-Kutchin:
   Han language information in Spanish.

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