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Native American Heroes of Myth and Legend

List of Native American Heroes in Various Tribes

Apistanewj (Mi'kmaq Indian hero)
Arrow Boy (Cheyenne Indian hero)
Ayas/Ayashe (Cree/Anishinabe hero)
Big Eater (Mohegan Indian hero)
*Burnt Belly (Pawnee Indian hero)
*Charred Body (Hidatsa Indian hero)
*Found In Grass (Arapaho Indian hero)
Gitchi Odjig (Chippewa Indian hero)
Glooskap (Wabanaki Indian hero)
*Greasy-Breast (Crow Indian hero)
*Great Peacemaker (Iroquois Indian hero)
*Hiawatha (Iroquois Indian hero)
Ja'mul (Achumawi Indian hero)
Katoyis (Blackfoot Indian hero)
Kenap (Mi'kmaq Indian hero)
Kipitaakii (Blackfoot heroine)
Kujuri (Apalai Indian hero)
Kururumany (Arawak Indian hero)
Kwan (Achumawi Indian hero)
*Lodge-Boy and Thrown-Away (Crow Indian heroes)
Mahwaew (Menominee Indian hero)
*Maple Sapling (Huron Indian hero)
Maushup (Wampanoag Indian hero)
Michabou (Algonquin Indian hero)
Mikumwesu (Maliseet-Passamaquoddy Indian hero)
Mopo (Wayana Indian hero)
Morning Star (Blackfoot Indian hero)
Moskim (Lenape Indian hero)
Nanabush (Anishinabe Indian hero)
Naapi (Blackfoot Indian hero)
Pogumk/Black-Cat (Passamaquoddy Indian hero)
*Poor Boy (Plains Indian hero)
Pulowech (Mi'kmaq Indian hero)
*Rabbit Boy (Sioux Indian hero)
Raven (Athabaskan Indian hero)
Saya (Beaver Indian hero)
Seuku (Alsea Indian hero)
Sigo (Akawaio Indian hero)
Splinter Foot (Arapaho Indian hero)
Star Boy (Blackfoot Indian hero)
Tshakapesh (Innu hero)
Veho (Cheyenne Indian hero)
*Village Boy and Wild Boy (Caddo Indian heroes)
*Wets The Bed (Wichita Indian hero)
Yamoza (Dene transformer hero)

Native American Hero Stories

*Koluskap: Stories from Wolastoqiyik * Ancient Tales from the Malecite * Glooscap Hero Cycle * Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle:
    Stories about the adventures of the Wabanaki culture hero Glooskap.
*The Orphan Hero:
    Carrier story about the life and death of a monster-slaying hero.
Pogumk and Pook-Jin-Skwess:
    Hero tale about a chief who defeats an evil witch.
*Adventures of the Great Hero Pulowech * Robbery And Murder Revenged:
    Stories about the Mi'kmaq Indian tragic hero Pulowech.
*Buffalo Hero Story:
    The Blackfoot legend of the hero Calfboy.
*The Life and Death of Sweet Medicine The Story of Arrow Boy:
    Saga of the Cheyenne hero Sweet Medicine.
*Blood Clot Boy * Kut-o'-yis, a Hero's Tale:
    Blackfoot legends about the magical hero Blood Clot Boy.
    Cheyenne hero legend about the birth and life of Falling Star.
*The Monster Who Came Up The River:
    Cayuse legend about Coyote, in one of his more heroic moods, saving the people from a monster.
*The Twin Brothers * The Brothers Who Became Lightning And Thunder:
    Caddo legends about the mythical Native heroes Thunder and Lightning.
*Splinter-Foot Boy:
    Caddo legend about a child hero.
*Medicine-Screech-Owl: * Medicine-Screech-Owl:
    Caddo legends about the adventures of a boy hero.

Recommended Books about Heroes in Native American Mythology
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On the Trail of Elder Brother:
    Traditional Glooscap hero legends told by a Mi'kmaq author and illustrator.
Gluskabe Stories:
    Audio tape of legends about the Native American hero Gluskabe, told by an Abenaki storyteller.
Field Mouse Goes to War:
    The story of the Hopi Indian hero Warrior Mouse, with wonderful illustrations by a Hopi artist.
Spirits, Heroes & Hunters from North American Indian Mythology:
    Illustrated collection of Native American hero myths from many different tribes.
Heroes and Heroines: Tlingit-Haida Legend:
    Collection of Northwest Coast hero myths.
Heroes and Heroines, Monsters and Magic:
    Collection of Iroquois hero tales presented by a Native author.
Voices of Earth and Sky: The Vision Life of the Native Americans and Their Culture Heroes:
    Book of Native American legends from several tribes about culture heroes, medicine men, and epic heroes on sacred quests.

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