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Native American High Gods

Native American High Gods from Various Tribes

Ababinili (Chickasaw high god)
*Above Old Man (Wiyot high god)
Agug'uq (Aleut high god)
*Ancient One of the Sky (Carib high god)
Apistotoke (Blackfoot high god)
*Atius Tirawa (Pawnee high god)
Ayamat Caddi (Caddo high god)
*Breath Maker (Seminole high god)
Cuaiguerry (Achagua Indian high god)
Earthmaker (Hochunk high god)
Gicelemu'kaong (Lenape high god)
Gisoolg (Micmac high god)
Gitchy Manitou (Anishinabe high god)
Great Spirit (many tribes)
Heisonoonin (Arapaho high god)
Ixtcibenihehat (Gros Ventre high god)
Maheu (Cheyenne high god)
Makunaima (Cariban high god)
Mokut (Cahuilla Indian high god)
Nesaru (Arikara Indian high god)
*Nitosi (Dene high god)
Orenda (Iroquois Indian high god)
*Ouga (Cherokee high god)
Raweno (Iroquois high god)
Rawottonemd (Powhatan high god)
Tabaldak (Abenaki high god)
*Wakonda (Omaha high god)
*Wakan-Tanka (Sioux high god)
Yuttoere (Carrier Indian high god)

Stories About Native American High Gods

*Abenaki Creation Story * Kloskurbeh and the Great Spirit:
    Abenaki Indian legends about the creation of the world by the High God.
*The Creator Visits:
    Micmac story about the High God blessing a poor family for their hospitality.
*Wakan Tanka of the Plains People:
    Article about the Plains Indian High God.

Recommended Books about High Gods in Native American Mythology
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Manitou and God:
    Interesting book on the similarities and differences between Algonquian and European views of God.

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