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Native American Legends: Hiintcabiit

Name: Hiintcabiit
Tribal affiliation: Arapahoe
Alternate spellings: Hiincebiit, Hiintcabit
Pronunciation: heent-sabb-eet (the second syllable rhymes with "crab.")
Also known as: Owner-of-Waters, Great Serpent
Type: Lake monster, giant serpent
Related figures in other tribes: Mishi Ginebig (Anishinabe), Kitchi-at'Husis (Maliseet), Tcipitckaam (Micmac), Mehne (Cheyenne)

Hiintcabiit is a great horned water serpent of Arapaho legend. Although they are powerful and dangerous, in Arapaho legends, horned serpents often do not harm people who pay them the proper respect, and sometimes even reward people who give them offerings with good luck in hunting or war. The name "Hiintcabiit" literally means "water master" or "owner of waters" in Arapaho.

Hiintcabiit Stories

    Profile of the Arapaho horned serpent.

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