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Native American Horror Legends and Tales

Native American Horror Characters

Double-Faces (Plains Indian tribes)
Dry Fingers (Iroquois tribes)
Flying Heads (Woodland and Plains tribes)
Ice Cannibals (northern Algonquian tribes)
Native American Ghosts (many tribes)
Native American "Vampires" (many tribes)
Night Panther (Algonquian tribes)
Rougarou (Metis)
Skadegamutc (Abenaki)
Skin-Walkers (Navajo)
Wechuge (Athabaskan)
Wendigo (Anishinaabe)

Native American Horror Stories

*An Abenaki Witch Story * The Lost Hunters:
    Wabanaki stories about a man murdered by a ghost witch.
*The Girl-Chenoo:
    Mi'kmaq story about a young woman whose rejected suitor tries to transform her into an ice monster.
*A Mashpee Ghost Story:
    Eerie Wampanoag story about a woman tested by a ghostly sailor.
*Trickster Kills The Children:
    Macabre stories about dangerous tricksters killing the babies of incautious parents.

Recommended Books about Horror Stories in Native American Mythology
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When the Chenoo Howls: Native American Tales of Terror:
    Collection of horror stories about the Chenoo and other monsters, by a Native American storyteller.

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