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Houma Indian Language

The Houma tribe was an offshoot of the Choctaw nation. Though they spoke a dialect of the Choctaw language and shared most of their culture with their Choctaw relatives, they were politically independent. The Houmas originally lived in eastern Mississippi, but were driven across the border into Louisiana with other eastern Mississippi tribes, where they merged with Cajun communities. The Houma tribe remains in Louisiana to this day. The Houma dialect of Choctaw has not been actively spoken since the 1800's -- most Houma people speak English and/or Cajun French today, though some elders still speak a unique Houma variety of creole French. Today, some Houma people are working to revive their original Indian language as well.

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Our Houma Language Resources

Houma Vocabulary
     List of vocabulary words in the Houma language from the early 1900's, compared to modern Choctaw words.
Houma Facts for Kids
     Fact sheet on the Houma lifestyle in the past and today for kids and other students.

Other Houma Language Materials

Ethnologue: Choctaw-Houma:
     Demographic information about the Choctaw and Houma languages.

Houma Culture and History Links

United Houma Nation
     Official website of the Houma tribe today.
Mississippi Indian Map * Louisiana Indian Map:
    Tribal maps showing the original territory of the Houma Indians and their neighbors.
     Tribal history of the Houma people.
Tribal Links Have Persisted
     Interesting interview with a Houma Indian elder.
Houma Tribe Honored
     Article on the history and culture of the Houmas.
Four Directions: Houma:
    Timeline and links about Houma history.

Books for sale on the Houmas
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Houma: Images of America:
     Book for sale on Houma history and traditions.
A Primer On Francophone Louisiana
     An interesting book on Louisiana's French-speaking minorities in general, with special emphasis on the Houma tribe.
Indian Tribes of the Lower Mississippi Valley:
    Book on the history of the Gulf and Mississippian tribes, including a chapter on the Houma.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

  Wikipedia: Houma:
  Encyclopedia articles on the Houma tribe and their la nguage.
  Une Petite Histoire des Houmas * b>Les Houmas de Louisiane * Peuple des Houmas:
  Information about the Houmas in French.
Tribus Muskogeanas:
Information about the Houmas and other Muskogean tribes in Spanish.

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