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Hupa (Hoopa) Language

Hupa is an endangered Athabaskan language of California. A second language, Chilula-Whilkut, is no longer spoken but is considered by most linguists to have been a dialect of Hupa. Only a few elders are still fluent in the Hupa language, but some young people are working to keep their ancestral language alive.

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Hupa Native American Language
Hupa language samples and resources.

Hupa Native Americans Culture and History
Information and links about the Hupa Indians past and present.

Hupa Indians Fact Sheet
Our answers to common questions about the lifestyle of Hupa Indian people.

Hupa Legends
Introduction to Hupa mythology.

Hupa Language Resources

Our Online Language Materials

Hupa Vocabulary:
     List of vocabulary words in the Hupa language, with comparison to words in other Athabaskan languages.
Hupa Animal Words:
     Illustrated glossary of animal words in the Hupa language.

Hupa Language Lessons and Linguistic Descriptions

Linguistic Families of Northern California * Pre-Contact California Tribal Territories:
    Maps showing where in California the Hupa language is spoken.
Hoopa Language
     Homepage of the Hoopa Valley Tribe's language department.
Hupa Language
     Hupa alphabet, numbers and vocabulary.
Hupa Phonology
     Scanned-in Hupa language materials from the Rosetta Project.
Athapaskan Placenames of California:
     Chart of place names in Hupa, Kato, and Wailaki-Sinkyone.
*Survey of California Indian Languages: Hupa:
    Profile of the Hupa language from the University of California at Berkeley.
Hupa Language Tree:
    Theories about Hupa's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Hupa Language Structures:
    Hupa linguistic profile and academic bibliography.
*West Coast Athapascan Vocabulary:
    Early 20th-century wordlists of Hupa, Tolowa and Tututni.

Hupa Language Preservation and Usage

Revitalization of the Hupa language:
    Article on the challenges faced by the Hupa tribe as they work to revive their language.
Rescuing Languages From Extinction :
    Article about Hupa, Yurok, and Karok language revival classes at the Hoopa Valley High School.
House of Languages: Hupa-Chilula-Whilkut:
    Information about Hupa language usage.
Ethnologue: Hupa:
     Demographic information about the Hupa language.

Hupa Dictionaries, Audio Tapes and Language Resources
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The Phonology Of The Hupa Language:
    Linguistics text about the sounds of the Hupa Indian language.
California Indian Languages:
    Comprehensive book about the languages of the Hoopa Indians and other California tribes.
Native American Language Dictionaries:
    Hupa and other American Indian dictionaries and language materials for sale.

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Additional Resources, Links, and References

  Wikipedia: Hupa:
  Encyclopedia articles on the Hupa language.
   Lengua Hupa:
   Information about the Hupa language in Spanish.
  Hupa Tribe:
  Hupa Indian books.

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