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Native American Ice Cannibals of Myth and Legend

Native American Ice Cannibals from Various Tribes

Giwakwa (Wabanaki cannibal giant)
Chenoo (Micmac cannibal giant)
Mhwe (Lenape cannibal giant)
Rugaru (Metis ice werewolf)
Stonecoat (Iroquois cannibal giant)
Wechuge (Athabaskan cannibal giant)
Windigo (Chippewa cannibal giant)
Wihtiko (Cree Indian cannibal giant)

Native American Cannibal Ice Monster Stories

*Cannibal Giants of the Snowy Northern Forest:
    Article about the giwakwa, kiwakwa, and chenoo ice monsters of the Wabanaki tribes.
*The Girl and the Windigo:
    Story about a brave girl that slew a Chippewa Indian cannibal ice monster.
*The Wendigo Baby:
    Chippewa story about a baby that turned into a cannibal giant.
*The Dog and the Windigo Spirit:
    Ojibwa myth about the first dog and his battle with a treacherous ice cannibal.
*The Girl-Chenoo:
    Mi'kmaq story about a young woman transformed into a cannibal ice giant.
*The Girl and the Chenoo:
    Passamaquoddy legend about the redemption of an ice cannibal.
Story of the Great Chenoo * Cannibal with an Icy Heart:
    Two 19th-century stories about Indian cannibal giants. (Note that our Wabanaki volunteers
    disagree with some of the analysis tacked onto the end of these, but the stories are genuine.)
    Audio files of a Cree elder relating stories about cannibal monsters.

Recommended Books about Ice Cannibals in Native American Mythology
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When the Chenoo Howls: Native American Tales of Terror:
    Collection of horror stories about Native American cannibal giants and other monsters.

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