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Inuit (Eskimo) Culture and History

As a complement to our Inuktitut language information, we would like to share our collection of indexed links about the Inuit and various aspects of their society. The emphasis of these pages is on the native peoples of the Americas as living societies with a present and a future as well as a past. Inuk history is interesting and important, but the Inuit are still here today, too, and we try to feature modern writers as well as traditional folklore, contemporary art as well as museum pieces, and the issues and struggles of today as well as the tragedies of yesterday. Suggestions for new links are always welcome.

Please note, although the Inuktitut name "Inuit" is the preferred term most of the people use to refer to themselves, many Inuit people still use the Cree word "Eskimo" as well, including, in some cases, in the official names of their tribal villages. For this reason, we have used both words on our website.

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Inuit Tribal and Community Websites

*Inuit Circumpolar Council:
    International coalition of Inuit communities promoting Arctic Native culture and rights.
Akulivik * Aupalak * Inukjuak * Ivujivik * Kangiqsualujjuaq * Kangiqsujuaq * Kangirsuk:
    Kuujjuaq * Kuujjuarapik * Puvirnituq * Quaqtaq * Salluit * Tasiujaq * Umiujaq * Killiniq:
    Government profiles of the fifteen Inuit communities of Nunavik (Arctic Quebec).
First Nations Education Council:
    Organization dedicated to supporting indigenous schools and students in Quebec First Nations.

Maps of Inuit Lands

First Nations Map: * Location of Amerindian and Inuit Communities:
    Maps of the Inuit and Native American communities of Quebec.
Virtual Museum of New France:
    Historical maps and articles on the Inuit tribes of the US and Canada.
Indigenous Peoples and Languages of Alaska:
    Map showing the location of the Inupiaq and other Alaska Native tribes.
*Population Distribution Maps: Arctic Peoples:
    Map showing the location of native Arctic cultures in North America, Europe and Asia.

Inuit Lifestyle and Tradition

The Inupiat * Copper Eskimo:
    Articles on Inuit history and culture.
The Alaskan Eskimo:
    Curtis' early 20th-century ethnography of the Inuit/Eskimos of northern Alaska.
Quebec History: Eskimo (Inuit):
    Anthropology text on the Inuit people.
First Peoples: Inuit:
    Demographic and linguistic information on the Inuit of Quebec.
Labrador Metis Nation:
    Representing Labrador people of mixed Indian, Inuit, and European ancestry.
Inuit * Inuits:
    Inuit culture and history in Quebec.
Inuvialut Storytelling
    Article on Inuit storytelling, drumming and dancing.
Tattoos of the Hunter-Gatherers of the Arctic:
    Article on the tattoo traditions of the Inuit and Yupik people, with pictures.
Baffinland Inuit:
    Article about Baffinland Inuit culture including kinship and religion.
Native Heritage: Inupiaq and Yup'ik:
    Information about Inupiaq traditional lifestyle.
Ancient Alaskan Labrets:
    Article about traditional Aleut and Inuit face jewelry.
Nunavut Flag * Nunatsiavut Flag * Kuujjuaraapik Native Village Flag:
    Inuit flags.
Too Tall Tail Meat Salad * Inupiat Reindeer Stew * Dunuuq:
    Traditional Inuit food recipes.
The Inuits of Quebec:
    Articles about contemporary Inuit life.

Inuit Artifacts and Cultural Objects

Inuit Clothing Traditions * Inuit Costume Exhibit: * Copper Eskimo Clothing, Boots, and Dance Hats:
    Photographs and descriptions of traditional Inuit clothes.
Inuit Parka * Inuit Dance Clothing * Inuit Fashions Today:
    Photos and descriptions of Inuit parkas, budgoods, and mukluks.
Canoeing Cultures: The Inuit * Arctic Skin Kayaks * Umiaks:
    Inuit kayak-building and traditional watercraft.
Aleut/Eskimo Paddle Making:
    The Aleut and Inuit craft of carving wooden kayak paddles.
Caribou Inuit Drums and Bullroarer: * Copper Inuit Snow Goggles:
    Inuit Bow and Arrow: * Inuit Dolls, Games, and Toys:
    Inuit tools, weapons, toys, and musical instruments.
Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage: Inuit and the Arctic:
    Images of artifacts from different Inuit communities of Canada.
Igloos * How To Build An Igloo * Inuit Environment and Housing * Inuit Shelter * Sod Houses:
    Information about traditional Inuit homes.
Four Directions: Inupiat Eskimo: * Four Directions: Inuit:
    Timelines and links about Eskimo history.

Inuit Religion and Myth

Inuit Religion:
    Online texts on Inuit ceremonies, myths, and religious traditions..
Inuit Legends:
    Collection of Inuit mythology and folktales.
*Eskimo Mythology:
    Online text of an early 20th-century book about Inuit, Aleut, and Yup'ik religion.

Inuit Literature and Arts

Inuit Authors * Iñupiaq Authors * Eskimo Authors:
    Inuit writers, their lives and work.
Inuit Music:
    Article about Inuit drum dancing, throat singing, personal songs, and other musical traditions.
The Inuit Throat Singers:
    Traditional Inuit throatsinging performed by two Cape Dorset women.
Sylvester Ayek:
    Songs performed by an Alaskan Inupiaq musician.
Alaska Native Artists * North Star Inuit Gallery: * Alaska Carving Arts:
    Websites featuring Inuit soapstone sculpture, mask carvings, and other artwork.

Books for sale on the Inuits
Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links

Saqiyuq: Stories from the Lives of Three Inuit Women:
    Fascinating book of Inuit oral history for sale.
Living On The Land:
    Anthropology book about how traditional Inuit/Eskimo life has changed over the past century.
Celebrating Inuit Art:
    A beautiful art book featuring Inuit carvings from different regions of the Arctic.
Sedna: Goddess of the Sea:
    Book of stories about the life and deeds of the Inuit sea goddess Sedna.
The Polar Bear Son:
    Charming picture book based on an Inuit legend about one woman who adopts a bear cub.
Go Home, River:
    Children's book by an Alaska Native author about an Inupiaq child learning traditional lessons about the water cycle.
Northern Lights: The Soccer Trails:
    Picture book for children about the importance of the Northern Lights to Inuit spirituality.
Whale Snow:
    Children's book depicting the importance of whales to traditional Inuit culture.
*Critical Inuit Studies: An Anthology of Contemporary Arctic Ethnography:
    Anthropology collection about Native peoples of the Far North.
*Arctic Spirit:
    Book of prehistoric and contemporary Circumpolar art from Siberia to Greenland. Many pictures.
*Eastern Arctic Kayaks:
    The history and design of Greenlandic and Canadian Inuit skin boats.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

   Wikipedia: Inuit * The Inuit * Aboriginal Groups: Inuit: * Caribou Eskimo: * Labrador Eskimo:
   Encyclopedia articles about the Inuit.
   Inuit * Esquimeaux (Inuit) * Les Inuits * Peuples autochtones arctique:

    Information about the Inuit tribe in French.
   Pueblo Inuit * Esquimal * Historia y lengua inuit * Los Esquimales * Los Inuit:
   Information about the Inuit nation in Spanish.
   Inuit People: * Greenlandic Resources:
   Inuit links.

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