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Native American Legends: Kanati

Name: Kanati
Also spelled: Kana'ti
Tribal affiliation: Cherokee
Pronunciation: kah-nah-tee
Type: God, hunting, first people

In Cherokee mythology, Kanati was the First Man and guardian of the hunt. It was Kanati who taught the people the skill of hunting. His name probably derived from the Cherokee word for "hunter," Kanohalidohi. (Though it is often translated as "Lucky Hunter" in English, it does not have that meaning in Cherokee... and in fact Kanati was not 'lucky' at hunting in any version of the myth we know of, instead being careful, responsible, and fair in distributing game animals to the people.)

Kanati Stories

*Kanati and Selu:
    Cherokee legend about the first hunter, Kanati, and the origin of corn and game.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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Selu and Kana'ti: Cherokee Corn Mother and Lucky Hunter:
    Children's book depicting the Cherokee myth about the origin of corn.
Myths of the Cherokee:
    Classic collection of Cherokee Indian legends and folktales.

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