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Native American Lake Monsters of Myth and Legend

Native American Lake Monsters from Various Tribes

Horned Serpents
Water Panthers

Names of Specific Native American Lake Monsters

Ablegemoo (Penobscot lake monster)
Axxea (Cheyenne lake monster)
Big Water Snake (Blackfoot lake monster)
Chepechcalm (Micmac lake monster)
Gitaskog (Abenaki lake monster)
Gook (Ahtna lake monster)
Hiintcabiit (Arapaho lake monster)
Kitchi-at'Husis (Passamaquoddy lake monster)
Mneto (Fox lake monster)
Mashe-Namak (Menominee lake monster)
Mihni (Cheyenne lake monster)
Mishi-Ginebig (Anishinabe lake monster)
Onyare (Iroquois lake monster)
Tie Snake (Southeast Indian lake monsters)
True Tiger (Miami-Illinois lake monster)
*Uktena (Cherokee lake monster)
W'axkuk (Lenape lake monster)
Weewillmekq (Maliseet lake monster)

Native American Lake Monster Stories

*Jipijka'm and Weewillmekq':
    Stories about Mi'kmaq and Maliseet horned serpents.
Gluskabe and the Monster Frog * Glooscap Fights the Water Monster * The Monster That Swallowed The Stream * Koluscap Frees the Water:
    Wabanaki Indian legends of a water-hoarding lake monster, defeated by the culture hero Gluskabe.
*Mashenomak, The Fish Monster:
    The story of how the Menominee culture hero slew a man-eating lake monster.
*Champy, the Canadian Lake Monster * The Lake Champlain Monster and Other Local Legends * Champ History From Ancient Times:
    Abenaki Indian lake serpent mythology and its connection to the modern folk monster Champ.
*The Dangerous Water Monster:
    Caddo legends about river and lake serpents.

Recommended Books about Lake Monsters in Native American Mythology
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Lake Monster Mysteries:
    Interesting book considering the origin of lake-monster stories in Native American and other world mythology.
Encyclopedia of Lake and River Monsters:
    A thorough reference book on mythological freshwater monsters in all corners of the world.

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