Archived American Indian Legends

These are links to the legends we have archived on our own site, either because they were submitted to us by volunteers, because we have translated them into English ourselves, because we have reprinted them from public domain sources we couldn't find already available on the Internet, or because we have archived them from sites that have gone down or are unreliable or difficult to link to. If there are any problems with one of these legends please let me know and I'll take care of it right away.

Abenaki: How Gluskabe Stole Tobacco
Abenaki: Witch Story
Achagua: Kamaisani
Alabama: Big Man-Eater
Alabama: Rabbit and the Turkeys
Arapaho: The Sky Girl
Attikamek Cree: When Tcikabis Trapped The Sun
Apalai: Creation of Woman
Aymara: Fox and Monkey
Aztec: The Rag-Picker
Bakairi: The Miraculous Twins
Beaver: Tumaxale
Beaver: Hair Scraping Man
Beaver: Atceco Kills a Bad Man
Beaver: Wonyoni
Bella Coola: The Sun's Son-in-Law
Bella Coola: Acting as the Sun
Biloxi: How Rabbit Snared The Sun
Biloxi: Why Opossum Plays Dead
Biloxi: Why Birds Have Sharp Tails
Biloxi: The Ants and the Katydids
Blackfoot: The Falcon and the Duck
Blackfoot: Origin of the Sweat Lodge
Blackfoot: The Birch Tree
Blackfoot: Old-Man's Mistakes
Blackfoot: Buffalo and Eagle Wing
Blackfoot: The Buffalo-Wife
Bogota: Toad's Race With Deer
Bribri: Bribri Creation Story
Caddo: The Twin Brothers
Carrier: Sky Boy
Carrier: Snaring the Sun
Carrier: The Culture Heroes
Cayuga: The Great Bear
Cherokee: The Ballgame
Cherokee: Aganunitsi's quest for the Ulunsuti
Cherokee: The Bear Man
Cherokee: Bluebird and Coyote
Cherokee: How the Tsalagi Got Fire
Cherokee: Hero with the Horned Snakes
Cherokee: How The Water Spider Captured Fire
Cheyenne: The Rolling Head
Cheyenne: The Eye Juggler
Cheyenne: The Dog Children
Chickasaw: Ghost of the White Deer
Chickasaw: Doctor Buzzard
Chilcotin: The Stretching Tree
Chimariko: Dog and Coyote
Chinook: Origin of the Chinook
Chipewyan: The Monster Bird
Chipewyan: Raised-By-His-Grandmother
Chipewyan: Bear and Squirrel
Chipewyan: Strong Boy
Chitimacha: The Origin of Fire
Chitimacha: The Blackbird's Wings
Chitimacha: Chitimacha Creation
Choctaw: The Deluge
Comanche: Release of the Animals
Cree: Mudjikiwis
Cree: Knisteneaux Flood
Cree: Flood Story
Cree: The Whiskey Jacks
Creek: The Great Flood
Crow: The Twins
Crow: Coyote Creates the Earth
Esselen: Coyote's Children
Eyak: Lake People
Eyak: Taken Away By Owl
Eyak: Raven Steals Sun
Eyak: The Land-Otters
Haida: Haida Eagle
Heiltsuk: The World Is Burnt
Heiltsuk: The Cannibal
Hidatsa: Charred Body and First Creator
Inuit: Sun Sister and Moon Brother
Inuit: Sedna
Inuit: The Jealous Uncle
Inuit: Creation of Woman
Iroquois: The Iroquois Creation Story
Kickapoo: Wisaka and the Buzzard
Maliseet: Wolverine and Bear
Maliseet: Lox
Mandan: The Cedar Baskets
Mandan: Mandan Flood Legend
Mandan: Mandan Creation Myth
Maricopa: Maricopa Creation Myth
Menominee: The Deceived Blind Men
Meskwaki: They That Chase After The Bear
Meskwaki: The Little Creatures of Caprice Ensnare the Sun
Meskwaki: The Opossum's Tail
Micmac: The Girl Chenoo
Micmac: Nukumi's Fire
Micmac: Rabbit and the Moon Man
Micmac: Thunder Bird
Micmac: Kookwes
Miskito: Journey to the Afterlife
Modoc: Old Age
Modoc: Bat
Mohegan: Big Eater
Mono: The Earth Diver
Navajo: Spider Woman
Nisqually: In the Beginning of the Nisqually World
Ohlone: Ohlone Coyote Stories
Ojibwe: Origin of Maple Syrup
Ojibwe: The Dream Fast
Ojibwe: Great Serpent and the Flood
Ojibwe: The Star Husbands
Ojibwe: Skunk Woman
Okanagan: Dirty Boy
Omaha: Birth of the Twins
Omaha: Omaha Origin Story
Omaha: Rabbit Catches the Sun
Ottawa: Corn and Bean
Ottawa: Thanksgiving Feasts
Passamaquoddy: Al-wus-ki-ni-gess
Pawnee: Turtle's War Party
Penobscot: Rabbit Calls A Truce
Penobscot: Pamola
Penobscot: Gluskabe and the Witch
Ponca: How Horses Came
Ponca: Grey Fox and Coyote
Pueblo: Jar Boy
Quileute: Origin of the Tribes
Quileute: Dask'iya
Quinault: The Dog Husband
Sauk: The Coming of Corn
Seneca: Escape Of The Seneca Boys
Seneca: The Seven Star Brothers
Seneca: Buzzard's Clothing
Seneca: The Flying Head
Seneca: The Chipmunks
Seneca: The Story Stone
Siuslaw: Pelican and Seagull
Takelma: The Flood
Takelma: Coyote and the Ghosts
Tlingit: Raven
Tlingit: The Arrow Chain
Tonkawa: Coyote and the Monster
Tsimshian: Theft of Light
Winnebago: The Winnebago Creation
Wishram: Land of the Dead
Wiyot: The Owl
Wiyot: Wiyot Creation Myth
Wyandot: Wyandot Creation Myth
Yuchi: The Cedar Tree
Yuchi: The Beginning
Zuni: Zuni Flood Tale

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