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American Indian Legends and Folklore

This page is our collection of links to authentic books about Native American folklore and mythology for sale online. If you would like to recommend a Native American book for this page or think one of the ones on here should be removed, please contact us telling us why.

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American Indian Legends and Folklore
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American Indian Myths and Legends:
     Well-attributed collection of many diverse traditional stories of Native America. (Like any other body of mythology, some of
     the stories involve adult situations, so be sensible about which ones you share with young children.)
American Indian Genesis:
     Creation myths explored by a Blackfoot author.
Algonquian Spirit:
    Rich anthology of stories, songs, and oral history from the Algonquian-speaking Native American tribes.
Surviving Through the Days:
    Anthology of myths and traditional literature from the tribes of California.
On the Trail of Elder Brother: Glous'gap Stories of the Micmac Indians:
     Collection of stories about the Wabanaki culture hero Glooskap, told by a Mi'kmaq author and illustrator.
The Manitous: Spiritual World of the Ojibways: * Ojibway Ceremonies: * Tales the Elders Told:
     Mermaids and Medicine Women: Native Myths and Legends: * Ojibway Heritage: * Ojibway Tales:
     The Star-Man and Other Tales: * Tales of the Anishinaubaek: * The Bear-Walker: * Dancing with a Ghost:
     Books on Ojibway mythology, folklore and spirituality by Ojibway writer Basil Johnston
Full Moon Stories:
     Thirteen Arapaho legends from an Arapaho writer/illustrator
Sacred Stories of the Sweet Grass Cree:
     Collection of Cree traditional stories and legends.
Trickster: Native American Tales:
    Collection of American Indian stories about trickster animals for kids.

Books about Specific Native American Tribes and Nations

Abenaki Legends Ahtna Legends Apache Legends Arapaho Legends Assiniboine Legends
Aztec Legends Beaver Legends Blackfoot Legends Cahuilla Legends Cherokee Legends
Cheyenne Legends Chickasaw Legends Choctaw Legends Chumash Legends Coeur dAlene Legends
Cree Legends Crow Legends Gros Ventre Legends Haida Legends Ho-Chunk Legends
Hopi Legends Innu Legends Inuit Legends Iroquois Legends Kickapoo Legends
Kootenai Legends Koyukon Legends Lenape Legends Maya Legends Mi'kmaq Legends
Miwok Legends Mohawk Legends Muscogee Creek Legends Navajo Legends Ojibway Legends
Oneida Legends O'odham Legends Passamaquoddy Legends Penobscot Legends Pueblo Legends
Salish Legends Seminole Legends Seneca Legends Shoshone Legends Sioux Legends
Tlingit Legends Ute Legends Yaqui Legends Yupik Legends Zuni Legends

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