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Native American Stories About Advice

One theme that is nearly constant in storytelling all over the world is the importance of listening to advice. (This is not very surprising when you realize that storytellers are themselves in the business of giving advice!) Trickster characters, who often humorously act out undesirable behaviors in Native American legends, are notorious for stubbornly ignoring advice from their family members and elders, and getting into all kinds of trouble because of it. Other times tricksters may follow the advice of wiser characters, but refuse to thank them for their help and falsely claim it was the trickster's idea all along. Mortal characters who ignore advice, especially from their elders, their spouses, or spirit beings, often pay for their lack of listening with their lives.

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Legends About Advice

An Abenaki Witch Story:
    In this Abenaki story, a man ignores his wife's advice and is killed by a ghost witch.
*Cipayak, the Northern Lights:
    Cree legend about a youth who ignored his grandfather's advice and offended the Northern Lights.
*Veeho's Eyeballs * The Eye Juggler:
    Cheyenne legends about the trickster ignoring a medicine man's advice and ending up losing his eyes.

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